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Get involved with Facebook for your community, you will quickly learn quick ways o save money with dinner specials, meeting like minded people with fun get together events (trivia and poker nights),and meeting up with people who are looking for rides to and from Managua (or wherever) you can make plans to shop the bigger stores (bulk shopping to save money) or just the needing to cut the cost of getting to and from the airport by splitting fuel costs. Facebook helped me get involved in the community quickly.

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replied on August 28, 2013 02:46:

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Soñando con el paraíso? Estoy buscando para compartir mi Costa Rica el Caribe estilo de vida.

"Si usted no ve lo que usted desea, pidelo!" Todos hemos oído esa expresión. Bueno, yo lo he tomado en serio y estoy haciendo precisamente eso. Yo quiero que el amor - el amor romántico - y estoy pidiendo. Amigos, familiares, extraños ... Le pido a cualquiera y todo el mundo. Ha publicado en todo Facebook. Sé exactamente, específicamente lo que quiero y he hecho una página web con mi petición:http://bit.ly/AmorEnParaiso. Ya he recibido una respuesta positiva:

"Se está buscando algo muy noble e importante para todo ser humano."
"¡Qué gran manera de explicar en detalle, sin embargo, simplemente diciendo" Hola, soy yo! '"
"Pocas personas tienen la capacidad de expresar sus temores y prejuicios de todo corazón - bravo"
"Usted ha transmitido lo que yo quiero, pero no soy tan valiente como tú para pedir, ¡buena suerte!"

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Dreaming of Paradise? I'm looking to Share my Costa Rica Lifestyle!

“If you don’t see what you want, ask for it!” We’ve all heard that expression. Well I’ve taken it to heart and I’m doing just that. I want love - romantic love - and I am asking for it. Friends, family, strangers... I ask anybody and everybody. It’s posted all over Facebook. I know exactly, specifically what I want and I’ve made a web page with my request: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/dreaming-of-paradise-in-costa-r.... Already I’ve received a positive response:

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escapeartist dot com worldwide expat site, one of the first

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Traveler's Hostel for Grown Ups!

Have you heard? Costa Rica's Hidden Jungle Beach House -
Cheap:$15.00 per night!
Quiet: Only 4 rooms, hidden in the jungle
Convenient: 3 minutes to the beach / 5 minutes to town
Comfortable: clean, 2 shared bathrooms, one hot shower
Cooking: in the spacious community kitchen

I'm doing a CR Visa Run Wed. Nov. 16 to Nicaragua - wanna join us?

I'm doing a CR Visa Run Wed. Nov. 16 to Nicaragua - wanna join us? I'm not positive yet if it's a few nights plus in San Juan del Sur or overnight to San Jorge (where you catch the boat to Isla Ometepe) or which way we're going (it WILL be by bus - just not poz if it's Deldu for $9ish, TransNica or the TransNica noon Executive bus). I've done this trip 12 times now so I can help ya with the ropes!!


OK so if the crime rate there doesn't scare you away there are two other points that need to be looked into.

one is a Luxury home tax you have to pay every year.. you see they are out of money, so a while back they voted in a new law that was set up and pushed through. the idea was, you have money and have a nice home, and we have people here that live in well, dumps. so we want to take your money and use this to build our people a better home to live it. yeah you owe them don't you.. well the law passed and it was only going to be a law for 10 years, after that it would be gone.. 2 things happen today,, first they voted to allow that tax to be forever.... and 2nd so far no one can show any of this money that has been paid in so far that went to build a single home... hummmm.. o and you have to hire someone to come out and tell you what your home is worth so you will know how much to pay!!!

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NOW is the Time to Visit the Caribbean

NOW is the Time to Visit the Caribbean

What many people do not realize is that the weather on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side is quite different from the rest of the country. When it is rainy season on the Pacific side it’s dry and sunny here in the Caribbean, where I live. Yet the temperatures are milder than mid summer. Ask anyone else who lives here, September is the most beautiful month of the year.
In September and often into mid October, the skies are bright and sunny and the water is calm and clear. Yesterday I was at everybody’s favorite beach in Punta Uva and it was like a HUGE swimming pool. There were families out for a Sunday picnic; there was a beach wedding held in the afternoon, yet the beach was not too crowded for a lovely swim. And there’s river there that flows into the ocean - with a rope swing - the kid’s favorite.

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Costa Rican food is yummy.  These tamales were so delicious!!


I had posted in one of my blogs to get out while you can from the U.S. and some people feel that, that is a little harsh maybe even tin hat time for me to say that. First off I love the U.S. don't get me wrong. But one has to start to look at facts and try to foresee what COULD happen and where your going to be when and if it does. No one can say that the u.s. is not in trouble. We are in many wars that are killing off our young people at a cost to us in the trillions of dollars. They are going to reraise the debt ceiling again and more bail outs are coming. all this is being done but yet the will of the people are saying NO NO NO... china has dumped their holdings with the u.s. and are not willing to hand us anymore money.

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