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How Long Are The Shelves Stocked? In Venezuela, Not Much Longer

Hugo Chavez continues his consolidation of power and confiscation of private property.  


Will he be able to maintain prices equal or lower than before, and keep the shelves stocked?  Considering the history of North Korea, U.S.S.R., Nicaragua, China, and other dubiously-misguided, excessively Communist projects in this century, the odds are against this miracle.

The irony is that private ownership of property and business aligns the interests of interests of individuals and society better than state ownership of property and business.

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Status Update For Central-America-Forum.com Website

I apologize that I had been slacking on my duties as website owner of this site for several months.

I've now fixed the broken items and improved some features.  The captcha is fixed.  The editor for writing posts and comments should now work better.  It's also possible for any member or anonymous user to "watch" any topic they find interesting, just by clicking at the bottom of the text where it says, "You are not watching this post, click to start watching" -- then you'll receive email updates when a new comment is added.

I've also added a "Related Articles" block that allows you to see other articles and discussions that were posted on this site in the same category.

Let me know if you notice anything still broken or have any further suggestions.


I am new

here. I see that Jorge Giraldez is promoting nicaraguan real estate here but mostly he promotes himself.

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Did Venezuelan Money Help Ortega's Family Buy More Control Over Media Recently?

This first interesting post from the USA claims that "Chávez helped Ortega buy Nicaraguan TV station":


But this Venezuelan post denies it:


So what's the truth?

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The concept of Nicaraguans as greedy, money hungry people...

I wish I could have portrayed this to people in Nica Living, who keep insulting Nicaraguans while claiming they are "Nica." Maybe it is the way these people represent themselves that gives them such a xenophobic perception of Nicaraguans. That has not yet been my experience.

Today, once again I Skyped with a man my husband befriended in Nicaragua. Ever since my husband disappeared into the bowels of DME and asylum, this wonderful man has been Skyping me, knowing of my worry over my husband's case.

We are fortunate to have many Nicaraguan friends, who in spite of the assumption everyone has stated (that they all want money) have offered to pay for attorneys, his rent, and so many other expenses, even when I insist I can pay. THIS has been done out of the kindness of their hearts, knowing most likely, that I make an enough income and can afford these expenses. They have offered me so many services and never asked for one dime in return!

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Asylum in Nicaragua


In October of 2009, my husband was deported from EEUU, after applying for asylum there. (Our story is a long and personal one, which I refuse to share with strangers online, but it is a unique case). Two people I have befriended do know my story, but like most asylum applicants I do not feel our case in totality is something that should be discussed until it has found resolution. In my naivety, I tried to create a blog on Nica Living about our experiences in Nicaragua, and it turned into this:




Since I realized there was a pathology within a few regular members of that site residing in an enclave of North Americans, whose chief desire in life is to no longer be called a "gringo" but be considered a "Nica;" I realized I probably should take this information to another site.

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Bank Summery on Construction Of Bob`s Villa

Bank Summery on Construction Of Bob`s Villa

You are right Peter, It just repeated the same picture again. Here it is.
I am starting three more just south of this one.

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Beachfront Construction (Nicaragua)

Beachfront Construction (Nicaragua)

This is the summery the bank gave me on construction of the Villa in Huehuete.
The property values are so cheap and the construction , if careful , can be maintained at great levels...

I love building on the beach and have over 20 lots which i can continue doing so in years to come.


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Living a Life of Leisure

Does it seem a bit too self indulgent to admit that I am living a life of leisure in Costa Rica? No, I'm not rich or retired on a pension. But I am absolutely living my dreams here. I've been here, on the Caribbean side for over two years - it took that long to get it life in this world figured out! I just want to tell everybody that you CAN live your dreams! Follow your heart. Never give up.
Red more about it here: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/01/21/costa-rica-dreams/
Pura Vida!

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Do Costa Ricans Care?

Motorcycle Angel
       Here is my latest example of why I love the Costa Rican people.
       In the two years I have lived on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, I’ve driven the four hour drive to San Jose eight to ten times. I lived in San Jose for about six weeks once and I bought my car there, too. Yet driving in San Jose still un nerves me. And I still get lost. Almost every time I go to San Jose, I get lost. But it’s OK. That is how I learn.
       Recently I went into the city to pick up my daughter, Chelsea, at the airport. I know the drill. I’ve done it many times before and all went well. After the airport, I had no trouble finding our hotel. It was my third time there. I got lost on the way, last time. I’ve made the hour drive across town and out of San Jose to the highway toward the Caribbean many times. That was a piece of cake - at least I thought so.

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