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Bob`s Villa

Bob`s Villa

This 5 bedroom 4 bath (Income making ) villa we built for a friend in Huehuete was our model home. We proved that it could be done for under 150.000 US
I have the plans , the material lists, the costs analystis from the bank stating that I built it 28% lower than the average rate know in Nicaragua for a US class building.

American Advisors Company Ltd. Providing feasibility studies for areas in Latin America and conduct research analysts. Introduce European & U.S. developers seeking representation in LatinAmerica, Specializing in Nicaragua

Jorge Giraldez-Benard
Latin American Advisors Co. LTD
Managua, Nicaragua C.A.
Tel: 011 505 8825-8505
Projects: http://s492.photobucket.com/albums/rr282/JGiraldezB/

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A Fantastic Day in Paradise

I just had a fantastic day here in paradise – magnificent waves, political conversation with a new found friend, getting drenched to the bone and then a ride in the back of a pickup truck. That’s the way it goes here in Costa Rica. Just walk out the door with an adventurous attitude and no plans, You never know what will happen. Read all about my adventures in my Costa Rica Travel Journals. I’ve just added several new posts about life in the Caribbean, airports in Costa Rica, travel tips - where to find good food anywhere in the Country, a good hotel and a bad hotel and much more of this celebration of life that is Costa Rica! http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com Pura Vida! Pure Life and Love! Lisa

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Increasing Chaos and Frustration Within FSLN Sandinista Party - A Time to Buy Real Estate in Nicaragua?

Sandinistas continue to confiscate properties in Nicaragua by quasi-legal means and also by mob vigilante squatting. Even Sandinista party financial supporters, however, are becoming the victims of the quasi-legal actions. When questioned by loyalists, Ortega and those close to him now respond that his own party is no longer answering to him and even he cannot stop the squatters. Is this the sign of the self-destruction of the Dictatorship of the Ortega-Mafia FSLN?

Can we now trust the real estate agents who claim that Nicaraguan property values are not down and there is no risk in a careful purchase of Nicaraguan beachfront property, like this gringa real estate agent in Nicaragua?

What can this mean when we contrast it with the image portrayed by leftist filmmakers in propaganda reels like the following, which pit the Ortegas as good guys against the bad guys of the Somozas, U,S., Chamorro, etc?

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War in Nicaragua Increasingly Likely

I spoke with one of my local friends in Nicaragua over the phone recently, a poor man who doesn't read the papers. He told me war is coming to Nicaragua.

I wrote about how re"elect"ing Daniel was a recipe for disaster but that I thought the Nicaraguans would do it for their passion for drama (pleito).

Now things are playing out: increasing consolidation of power, mob-justice (Sandinista mobs have already been compensated by money and are continuing to be compensated also by the privilege of being able to rob properties of those who do not pay enough protection money).

The Supreme Court and Legislative are sufficiently well-controlled and well-paid by the Ortegas, so that they have essentially made clear that the Ortegas will not leave the absolute control of the country. The Ortegas continue to amass more and more wealth, at this point including a large portion of the electric utility and some media and dozens of smaller businesses.

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Why Does the U.S. Embassador Support an Unconstitutional Position? It's a Secret

I believe the embracement by the U.S. executive branch of Zelaya is a mistake.  Clinton's going along with Obama on this one (albeit noncommitally) was no better.  This is her Colin Powell.  She should have resigned.

There are some people who recognize this absurdity.  For instance, take a look at Jim DeMint's recent report on his analysis of Honduras.

According to this report, DeMint asked the U.S. ambassador why he supported Zelaya.  Ambassador Hugo Llorens's answer?  Demint should read a (nonpublic) document by Howard Koh.  If DeMint is telling the truth about this conversation, ambassador Llorens should resign.  His responsibility is to represent the people of the United States, not a cabal of millionaire communist apologists with secret transnational plans.

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Just in Time for Halloween

Just in Time for Halloween

Last Year at  in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, I spent Halloween painting faces for free, for the local kids. They loved it! I was swamped and worked from 6p.m. ‘til midnight. Check out the pictures in my Costa Rica Travel Journals: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com
Look in the left hand column under recent posts.
Pura Vida!

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Cartago, Costa Rica - a San Jose / Central Valley Day Trip Worth Taking

Whether you are visiting or live in Costa Rica, most people spend at least some time in the capital city of San Jose in the Central Valley area.

Many visit the San Jose downtown sites and are then looking for nearby places to visit for half or full-day trips. Most popularly mentioned ideas based on their relatively close geographic proximity to San Jose can still be several hours in travel time due to Costa Rica's terrain, roads and traffic. Examples: Poás Volcano is 1.5 hours away, Arenal Volcano is 4 hours away, La Paz Waterfall is 1.5 hours, etc., etc.

A closer and no less interesting destination is San Jose's neighboring city ... Cartago.

what caused the waves last week in panama?

So me and the wife are planning on opening up a new BBQ restaurant down on the main highway, because I love bbq and they have no clue how to do it here.. so at least if no one comes I'll gain a few pounds..


anyway speaking to a friend of mine I asked if he knew anyone who had some equipment for sale and he did. so down to a really nice beach side bar to meet woody the owner of woody's bar... how cool the name... anyway I bought a piece from him and afterwards we sat and talked and he kept twisting my arm to have another drink with him.  the sob.. anyway I liked him a lot and we talked for a hour or so.

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Testing the Power of Intention

Some of you have been following my Costa Rica Travel Journals: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com

Well, I have started a new blog that I thought you might be interested in. It is not about Costa Rica, it is about my getting back to Costa Rica. It is called, “Life on the Edge - Testing the Power of Intention”

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