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2010 Rain in Cental America

It's already racking up as a wet year along all of Central America... what do you think the traditionally-wettest month of October will bring?  Respite at last, or even worse downpours..???  Make your predictions now for your shot at immortality!

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Do you like chocolate?

Cocoa is grown and made into chocolate right here, where I live, in Costa Rica's Caribbean. I recently went to an Indigenous, Bri Bri, Cacao House to see a demonstration of traditional chocolate making. You can read all about it and see photos here: travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/…

I know you really want to learn to speak Spanish

Fellow Expats,

OK, I'm back again. I won't give up on you because I know that if you learn to speak Spanish, your life in Costa Rica will be better for the effort.

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(pura vida spelled backwards!)


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I met both of these people here in our little resort town in panama. They came here in april and spent two days looking over property. By that time they had already killed 5 people in bocas and I guess they were looking for more property to take over here. In those two days I spent around 10 hours with them at our local pub. I found him to be loud and needing to be the center of everything, which he was because most of us here are very open and friendly and when someone new comes around we all want to get to know about their lives. It's funny because you think this world is so huge and we are all so far away from our place of birth, but I have met three people here that lived in my home town, one of those lived no more then 20 miles from me.

Panama Guide Claims Killer Found in Panama and Headed to Costa Rica

ALERT! Have you seen these people? They are wanted for serial killings in Bocas del Toro Panama, and may have obtained fake passports from and/or spent time in Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, or other Central American or Caribbean countries. Their MO is that they "befriend" someone with property for sale, murder the property owner, forge papers, and steal the property, telling people that the property owners "moved away." Has anyone gone "missing" in beach or resort communities in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc. in the past few years? These people may have been working their way down from the US, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and now, Bocas del Toro, Panama. At least 3 people were murdered for their property and an international manhunt is under way.
To read info and see photos please go to:

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America The Monster

From 'escapeamerica.com magazine'


"America has become a monster and you are its next meal…

There was an old (now) song by Steppenwolfe of this name, i.e.,
“America the Monster” and as I began to consider the nature of this
country’s government …well, it seemed appropriate.

That said, America has become a monster. Like Goya’s mythical portrait
it devours its own children, 1 in 100 are convicts, education becomes
more and more expensive and thus exclusive, employment becomes scarcer
and less well paid, ”social safety net programs” expand, without
solving the problems, and it feels free to lay waste whatever sections
of the world it desires to . Been in Iraq for almost a decade and show
no signs of leaving Afghanistan. Not to mention the “bill” for all

Ah, the “bill”. Well, the Government doesn’t have to worry about that,
does it? After all that part of the fun and games will be delivered to

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From bike to boat!

Hola from the Caribe sur!
I took a bike ride yesterday and turned it into a tour you can take yourself, complete with photos, a map and the howls of a monkey! The surprise ending is something you may need my help with, if you decide to come to Costa Rica and try it. But even if you can't come here, you can enjoy the ride through my photos. I love to share my fun! http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/07/18/costa-rica-bike-ride/

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Road Trip Through Costa Rica's Mountain Highlands

I just got back from a great road trip, through Costa Rica's mountain highlands. I made a big circle around the country, starting in my home town, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

I drove across Panama, back up into Costa Rica and into the highest mountains in the country. I went horseback riding in the Diamante Valley and saw the second largest waterfall in Central America. I drove the "mountain of death" - Cerro de la Muerte. And I spent a glorious few days in the "Saints Zone" - La Zona de los Santos, where I toured a coffee plantation and learned all about what happens before the cup of coffee gets to your table.

My pick of best Spanish Courses


I am and expat living in Costa Rica and have traveled extensively throughout Latin America. Like many I have struggled to learn the language. Recently I decided to start a blog featuring my favorite pick of Spanish programs - especially those offering free trials. It includes reviews from real people like yourself who have actually tried the programs and links to special discount offers for Spanish study courses. If you really want to learn Spanish, I invite you to visit my site at: www.spanish-online-free.com.

Spectacular Rio Indo Lodge in S. Nicaragua

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Alfredo Lopez several years ago. Alfredo began his career as a doctor working with the indigenous people in Nicaragua, working his way through medical school as a tour guide. At the time I met him I was suffering from a serious disorder and he offered to introduce me to one of the true remaining natural healers left in Central America. So we journeyed together up Rio San Juan to Rio Indo in nearby Nicaragua. What happened during my meetings with the medicine man is material for another post, but I know that his "prescription" contributed to my complete recovery.

The most unexpected part of the journey was our final destination at Rio Indio Lodge . Rio Indio Lodge is a wonder. It was build about seven years ago by a small group of investors who loved the area. The project was headed by Dr. Lopez.

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