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"Go" clubs in Costa Rica

My wife and I are fans of the game of go. (See http://senseis.xmp.net/?WhatIsGo for a description of the game.)

We have been to the weekly Saturday go club meetings in San Jose, at the brewery just a few times. We live pretty far from San Jose.

The Costa Rica go club has a website: http://www.go-tico.org/

Here is the announcement they have about their meetings:

Las reuniones de nuestra Asociación se realizan todos los Sábados de 2:00pm a 6:30pm en el Centro Nacional de Cultura ( CENAC ), diagonal al INS en San Jose.

In English, that means that meetings are every Saturday at 2pm at the National Cultural Center, across from the INS (Insurance Building) in San Jose.  The taxi will know all those landmarks.

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A Visit to the Vet

We've had our dog Winter for almost two months now. He's a golden retriever. He is about three years old. He was a gift from a local woman who felt she could no longer take care of him. Indeed, he arrived with a small itchy infection in the skin of one leg.

We washed it, and it seemed it was not too bad. But slowly it got a little bigger, rather than smaller. Yesterday, I was talking to a local friend, and he told me that I should take a careful look: if there is a 'breathing hole' in the bump, probably there is a worm inside the infection. He insisted the thing to do was to squeeze it out like a pimple.

Full-Time Job for Renewable Energy Expert in Central America

Senior Advisor in Renewable Energy
SNV, Duty Station, Managua, Nicaragua
Main Responsibilities
• Strategic positioning: Identifying and interpreting opportunities and/or barriers and threats of advisory practices and ensuring information transfer to the team; Ensuring up to date contextual analysis and interpretation regarding tourism sector.
• Network development: developing, expanding and maintaining effective and efficient local and regional networks with relevant stakeholders; identifying possible new clients; functions as the interface between SNV and the client;

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How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil With Milyn and Peter Christopher

Here is the basic process we use to make virgin coconut oil at home.  Try it!!  There are also some pictures.  For the full description, follow along with the pictures.

Summary of How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil At Home

Step I: Make Coconut Milk

Step II: Ferment overnight (the separation occurs naturally during fermentation).

Step III: Use your VCO coconut oil!

Detailed Explanations With Pictures of Making Your Own Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil 

This is a page by Peter and Milyn Christopher of how we make virgin homemade coconut oil in the Philippines and in Costa Rica.

(Before Step 1) Collect Coconuts

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Interesting Plant Pest/Disease Identifier

This interesting little tool might help you identify problems in your garden. It just said that one of my non-local Spinach varieties has a rust problem... Try it out!



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Advanced Spanish Challenge

Original text from: http://www.bizlatino.biz/filosofia/descifrar/


C13R70 D14 D3 V3R4N0 3574B4 3N L4 PL4Y4 0853RV4ND0 A D05 CH1C45 8R1NC4ND0 3N 14 4R3N4, 357484N 7R484J484ND0 MUCH0 C0N57RUY3ND0 UN C4571LL0 D3 4R3N4 C0N 70RR35, P454D1Z05 0CUL705 Y PU3N735.

CU4ND0 357484N 4C484ND0 V1N0 UN4 0L4 D357RUY3ND0 70D0, R3DUC13ND0 3L C4571LL0 4 UN M0N70N D3 4R3N4 Y 35PUM4... P3N53 9U3 D35PU35 DE 74N70 35FU3RZ0 L45 CH1C45 C0M3NZ4R14N 4 L10R4R, P3R0 3N V3Z D3 350, C0RR13R0N P0R L4 P14Y4 R13ND0 Y JU64ND0 Y C0M3NZ4R0N 4 C0N57RU1R 07R0 C4571LL0.

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Human Powered YahooGroup

I once built a bicycle generator and actually it's sitting in Nicaragua just begging to be used by the right person who wants to take it home (just send me a PM if you want it).

Have you considered using a bicycle generator to power your kitchen appliances? It might work. How about to charge a battery to use your computer? That would be more difficult, but might work under the right circumstances. To grind grain? That'll work. Read about more possibilities in this group:


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I've done some backyard tilapia gardening. They are hardy fish that can eat a diverse variety of foods you might provide. Ours basically ate blended compost and made no complaints, growing and growing.

This yahoo group has informed members and a good message archive on backyard and commercial tilapia raising around the world.


How to Use the "Directory of Seeds and Plants"

We now have an online directory where you can list any seeds or plants that you have for exchange, trade, sale, or to give away.  It's also ok to list something even if you don't have it personally - as long as it is unique well-suited to tropical agriculture or agriforestry or gardenting and as long as you describe where it can be found.

To view the directory, click "Directory of Seeds and Plants" in the top right of the screen.

To add any item to the directory, first register and login. Then click "Create Content" on the left sidebar menu. In the form, describe what you have available (or if you do not personally have it available, describe where it can be found). Make sure to fill in the "Location" field of the form. Also, in order to be listed in the directory, you must select "Seeds and Plants" from the dropdown menu on the form.

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Property Rights in Central America

In general, Central American countries have support for the direct ownership of land by nationals or foreigners, and the right to use that land as they see fit. This differs from the Philippines, for instance, where non-citizens cannot own land. Some countries have had and continue to have some ambiguities of land ownership laws. For instance, in Costa Rica, land that is owned but undeveloped might be claimed by a squatter. In Nicaragua, there are additional complications arising from changing laws regarding land near the ocean, land that was historically part of land reform, and land that does or might fit the criteria for current land reform laws. I'm not an expert in any of these topics, but I want to invite those who have more information to contribute in this forum.

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