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History Of Cinquera in El Salvador



Somos una asociacion sin fines de lucro, una de las tareas es ayudar nuestro pueblo, alredadores y otros en el desarrollo de cutural, historical y ecoturismo rural en El Salvador. Si te interesa apoyanos.
Nuestro páginas web se parecido muy pronto en español, inglés y otras idiomas atrear vistitantes y voluntarios del exterior. Nuestras guias nativos serían disponible todo el año, no solo en domingos/dias feriados.

por ejemplo:


Una cooperativa dedicada al turismo rural receptivo, formada por hombres y mujeres salvadoreños, jóvenes y adultos mayores, gente común y corriente quiénes tenemos una extraordinaria vida.

Estamos a tus servicios tan pronto llegues a El Salvador y serás nuestro huésped de honor y gustosamente te acompañaremos a los extraordinarios sitios que tu quieras visitar a lo largo y ancho del país.

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The CA Forum is the best I have found re: Central America

I have been living in Central America, with a 14 month stint in México DF, yes the 'big city' for nearly 24 years now, the time has gone by fast, mae mistakes, errors in judgement, plenty of them, on this forum members admit they are not 'perfect' nor 'golden' expats who assume they are G-ds gift to the host country on one hand and cheating new arrivals on the other hand by selling land, real estate, rentals at sky high prices to the naive who don't speak Spanish (big mistake, if planning to relocate, learn the basics before and after arrival. Travel first to your target city, town, country, region and find the place where YOU feel Safe, Comfortable and Accepted by locals, a place that fits your budget. Do not worry at first about bring 'accepted' by other ex pats, unless you live in the Ex Pat BOX caled a gated community!

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Misconceptions about how INTERPOL works by those who pretend to understand law enforcement

One of my dearest friends works for a branch of Interpol in the U.K. He has for many years, which brought him several times to places like Brazil and Colombia, and several South and Central American locations to make arrests and bring criminals back to the U.K. to face justice. This guy is one tough cookie! He has seen the worst of the worst in Central and South America, been stabbed, beaten, kidnapped, and generally been through the ringer. He now works from the U.K. out of an office, because of the numerous injuries he suffered in his career; which include numerous surgeries to repair his injuries, Chron's disease, and assorted other maladies that have taken him out of the field.

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What is Bigger? Nicaragua's Volcanos or Wind Turbines

What is Bigger? Nicaragua's Volcanos or Wind Turbines

It appears that these wind turbines near San Juan del Sur are monstrous!

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La Dominación

One of the themes that seemed to embue Nicaraguan culture was power.  "Voy a dominar el español," was one of the first sentences I was taught by Miguel, the young man I hired as a Spanish teacher when I first arrived in Nicaragua more than five years ago.  "Tienes que dominar a tu pareja," I heard from so many people - men and women - in confidence.  People gathered power by lies and truth, the power of their own beliefs (often enhanced by witches), their political and family connections, their age.  It is not healthy to live there, because in order to survive one had to become more like that.  To what extent is that Nicaraguan versus Latin?

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I am proud to announce Siren Press is publishing my novella, Anastasia and the Cuban

I am happy to announce that Siren Press and I have reached an agreement to publish Anastasia and the Cuban!

Due to this, Anastasia and the Cuban has been taken down from Kindle and Amazon, as Siren Press and I have signed a publishing contract.

We are in the process of working through a production schedule and the first release should be in eBook form around November, 2010. There will be a new cover and new art for this book.

So you will no longer be able to purchase this book until it is re-released. After, it should be available again on Kindle, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and on Siren's personal site.

Thank you,
Jennifer Lawson Zepeda

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When good things come out of a bad experience.......

You often hear about theft in Costa Rica. It happened to me at my favorite place - the waterfalls. But I learned that if you let go of the anger and all the negativity brought by the situation, something good can come out of it. I wrote the story in my Costa Rica Travel Journals. Check it out: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/06/06/costa-rica-learning-...

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Ortega Threatens to Dissolve Parliament

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Yesterday was the Day of the Soldiers here

My husband said at one time they screamed at them, back in the days of the Salvadoran army's Atlacatl Battalion and the infamous murders in El Mozote, in Morazán department.

Times have changed radically. Yesterday they hailed them, celebrating the troops as they marched through the streets. Many have been deployed to dangerous neighborhoods to clean up the gang problem. Certainly, any forward thinking person here would have a vested interest in removing the gangs and obtaining investors here. Some speculate that Americans will be retiring here soon, especially once the last cheap piece of dried up dirt in Nicaragua is stained with blood in the future, when a looming civil war happens as the older Sandinistas try to break down the cadre and restore actual socialism instead of fascism there.


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Scarify Noni Seeds With FingerNail Clippers to Aid Germination

In order to get your noni seeds to germinate, you need to crack the hard shells somehow.  Otherwise, the seeds will simply sit for month and years without germinating at all.  The best way is to use fingernail clippers and just clip off one quarter of the seed at the thin end, so that the water can enter there.  Then of course you plant the seeds just like any other seed in a small starter pot, maybe a 4" pot, and when it is 6" tall after 3 months you can transplant it.  One to two years later you'll have ripe noni in your tree that you grew from your own seed.

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