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An interpretation of Nicaragua's San Juan Del Sur

An interpretation of Nicaragua's San Juan Del Sur

After reading so many of the forums, one develops a perception. Here's mine of the expat community of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

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One of the most underadvertised museums that you'll miss

This weekend, we decided to go see the sites. Not the sites that you find in tourist pamphlets, but sites that render information relevant to a new novel I'm writing. So our sites were off the wall places that you rarely hear about or see mentioned as a normal tourist venue.

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Tips on Immigration to the USA: If you have a tourist visa, then don't apply for anything else from outside the country

I just read the following on one of the other Nicaragua sites:

Even though my wife has a 10 year U.S. Tourist visa, I went to the U.S. Embassy and applied for the I-130 Petition for alien relative at the U.S. Embassy in Managua. [...] The 10 year tourist visa that my wife had was stamped VOID yesterday at the embassy since it is illegal to have in possesion two different types of visas. I asked why this was done now and not towards the end of the process of the immigrant visa. Now my wife is temporarly without a visa until the immigrant visa is issued. [...]

My gosh, unless I'm mistaken, I'm afraid this was a terrible plan.  Interestingly, nobody spoke up to tell the poor man the truth.

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So the other day Megavision's TeleNoticias 21 asks an odd question about Tony Saca...

They asked:

"Do you think now that Tony Saca is affiliated with the Gana party, that he could possibly run for re-election?"

And I said WHAAAAT? Because, Tony Saca already ran under the ARENA party and his term ended. So if he changes his political party he can run under a new party label? How does that work?

Here's what I'm seeing...the ARENA party wore out their welcome with Tony Saca and his efforts to debilitate El Salvador, remove the principles of free speech, and promote ARENA candidate Rodrigo Avila (known as a death squad leader and one of the prominent gun distributors and police chief). So Saca and his pals took their marbles home and El Salvador began seeing signs of GANA appearing all over the country.

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The illegal and immoral actions of Homeland Security and I.C.E. - several documented case studies for the idiots at Nicaliving

Some facts about the incompetency of Homeland Security’s I.C.E. agents, for those morons who are still living in the dark ages and thinking these “pristine agents care about securing our border.” Here’s a few news clips to tell what really goes on with I.C.E. to prove to these propagandists who claim everyone is lying about these “stellar folks” that this is today’s reality!

Monday, October 26, 2009 at 9:38 a.m.
EL PASO, Texas (AP) — One immigration agent was accused of running an Internet pornography business and enjoying an improper relationship with an informant. Another let an informant smuggle in a group of illegal immigrants. And in a third case, an agent was investigated for soliciting sex from a witness in a marriage fraud case”


by Amy Goldstein and Dana Priest | Washington Post Staff Writers

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The buzzards and dullards at Nicaliving have proven idiocy is alive and well again!

Poor RSJGringita...wandering through life with a hilarious level of social naivety! She had the gall to bring up an immigration case similar to ours, involving a woman from New Zealand who had a less than favorable opinion of Homeland Security. And not being the brightest light bulb in the pack, she was naive enough to compare my past opinions about Homeland Security to this woman's shared views, not realizing the rope faced buzzards at Nicaliving would immediately try to invalidate the woman for sharing my opinion. (Of couse, these are men in their 50s and 60s on a quest to find youthful, obedient wives in Central America, spending most waking hours romancing poverty stricken school girls, still wearing Dora the Explorer panties and playing hopscotch, so go figure!)

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My first big, overblown bitch about El Salvador

You want to know what is scary in El Salvador? The freaking mail! Today, my mail arrived with a note, “Tramite Aduanal Urgente II.” The thing I needed most, two paychecks and some damned decent theatrical makeup was directed through customs at the airport for pickup.

To pick this up, I need the following:
1. One NIT – Salvadoran Tax ID number
2. It must be registered with customs
3. Original receipts for the items shipped to me
4. And they didn’t have my telephone number…silly me! MAIL needs a phone number now?
Apparently, a used leash for my dog, old cell phone from 2006 with all my addresses on it, and some makeup flagged them. THIS is the valuable stuff of life!

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Rush Limbaugh Going to Costa Rica For Health Care?

I heard about this bizarre comment Rush Limbaugh made that he would get his medical care in Costa Rica if the Dems managed to "do" what they claim to have "done".   This seems like an odd choice.  Costa Rica already has socialized medicine.  Did he just pick the country at random?  From my experience with health care in Costa Rica, it's not bad, and it's often free, especially for poor people - but you have to do it their way.  If you want to do something outside the lines, like have a child that does not receive vaccinations, that is against the law, so unless you get forged documents, the state will inject your children over your objection, even if it means having to come with police and take them away from you to do it.

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Jungle Beach Adventure

Come with me on a hike through the intriguing Caribbean jungle out to a magnificent black sand beach. I’ll share my Jungle Beach Adventure with you through fantastic photos and a good story, too. Check it out here: http://www.travelexperiencecostarica.com/2010/03/19/jungle_beach_adventure/

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Crime in El Salvador

I promised an honest account of El Salvador, so it would be dishonest not to include the crime. This is what I've learned...

Since I've been here, several people have been murdered around where we live...more in the commercial areas and near the schools. On the day I arrived, a boy from one of the schools was murdered by a rival school mate. Since then, there have been several students who have disappeared and the news has asked in a poll if the people of El Salvador blame it on gangs...even though the student's death was not gang affiliated. Two thirds seemed to feel gangs were involved. So there is a tendency to blame every crime on gangs, instead of addressing the actual problem. That is not good, of course, because each crime should be addressed for the problem.

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