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I read a hilarious post about a person who wanted to know Latin American life....

It was posted here for your humor:


He says:

"Our family has been living in Nicaragua for about 10 years....We came to Nicaragua to experience and live the "Latin lifestyle" (as important as work is, there's always time for friends, family and fiestas) and to be a part of our community. We didn't want to live behind high walls topped by razor wire and with 24/7 security guards. And the idea of arming ourselves to defend our person and property is not a front runner as well."

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Democracy But Not Capitalism

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Foundation Questions of the Political Left and Right

I have often found it useful to make rough groupings into the political left and the political right.  I used to consider myself on the political left, and I no longer do, having gradually moved away from the positions that we typically call left.

What are some of the questions we try to address, in the process of which we find ourselves in the left or the right?

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Central America - Costa Rica - Panama Tsunami Non-Event

Some cool graphics about the non-event tsunami warning that was issued and retracted:


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Internet Vulgarians who live in Central America

There seems to be a class of people who have bottomed out in decency and etiquette, or much of anything else that demonstrates a quality person of high moral fiber. They live in some of these Central American forums on the internet, gossiping about other people's lives, experiencing some form of bizarre pleasure by living through osmosis, examining the lives of their "victims." They are people who do not even know the "victims" or the impact they could have on their lives, through spreading unfounded claims against these people. They exist as internet "bullies" in groups of others who share the same core weaknesses, most likely because of some void in their lives, or adolescent boredom.

John Safford Jokes About Pedophilia in Central America

She was so sweet and innocent that I could not resist her. Since I was keeping it in the family was that wrong? Am I a pedophile? Are there any experts here on Pedophilia? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And I was 6 years old!

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The feeble minds of aging North American men in relation to understanding Central American culture

I was reading the analysis of a few North American men in another site with relation to Central American men and had to laugh at the levels of naivety. Here is a snippet of the conclusions at least one has reached that amused me to no end.

"Actually it has been my experience that most Latin males are better at courting, "wooing", and or seducing Latin women or actually women in general. IMO, the previous is due to their mothers being the main presence in their lives, they are more adept at superficially pleasing and flirting with a woman than most Gringos are. It is a cultural thing. We have all heard the phrase "Latin Lover", but I have never heard the phrase "Gringo Lover" or "WASP Lover" and there has to be a reason for that."

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Some things tell the real story

I posted a test subject on a site called The Real Nicaragua. It was most definitely a subject that I knew would draw a few out of the woodwork and raise blood pressures. And boy did it!

The title of the thread was:
"North Americans seeking 'Daddy/Daughter' relationships in Nicaragua"

And when I looked at the amount of response to that thread, even I was surprised
# Responses: 138
# Visits: 2.130

Compared to the rest of the threads, that was a HUGE number.

You can read through the posts and see that the response was volatile. Many posts were removed too, telling me to "F off," created by Just Plain John Wayne and a few others. They were overlooked as reasons to remove a participant, but I was removed from the site, when my "attacks" were tame in comparison. I knew that if I kept posting the facts about this subject I would be removed, so that was a no-brainer.

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The proverbial "pot calling the kettle black"

What a riot! I just had to laugh about this post by Phil Hughes, the KING of daddy/daughter fetishes!


Is this about envy from the profiteering these creeps do? Or is he feigning concern for the victims...the same victims he created in his photography sessions of under aged girls hugging his timeworn disgusting frame? This fool never ceases to amaze me with the hypocrisy he demonstrates. How about those photos, eh Phil?

GAWD! I want to puke!

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Las Pulgas de Nica Living and their envy

It was brought to my attention that a few of “las pulgas,” the type you flick off your arm after they draw blood and step on, have been busily searching for every post I make outside of their cesspool of a forum. And a certain blog was brought to my attention.


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