Yet Another Medical Mission Sabotaged by Sandinistas in Nicaragua

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I recently read about yet another medical mission to Nicaragua that was sabotaged by the incompetent and vengeful Sandinista organized crime ring controlling that country: New Orleans Medical Mission Services Nicaragua Recap.

I'd say a majority of the of the medical and humanitarian work in Nicaragua has major problems of a similar nature (although they aren't always recognized as being due to the incompetent leaders - sometimes it's blamed on poverty, such as in this instance).

It is difficult to help a group of people who allow themselves to be led by crooks without a conscience.  That doesn't mean nesessarily that we shouldn't try, I suppose. Or then again maybe it does.  Anyone else have an opinion on that?


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Chiese Work Ethics

I can't really say much about the Chinese issue of " keepiing up " but I know as a culture China has always HAD maintained a certain level of prosperity, enlightenment, education and social mobility that the rest of the world never had.  You have to remember that China as a country is the oldest civilization in existence and probably predates the Indian subcontinent civilization and social structure by at least 1000 years, but that's a conservative guess.  China has always been an easy target for invasions from barbaric tribes and peoples who looked at it as fertile ground to plunder and pillage at their will.  The Mongols, the Imperial Western powers in the 19th century, the Japanese in the 20th century during WWII... the point is the Chinese ALWAYS had the Jones mentality even before most of the Europeans did and they show it in their capacity for trade and commerce.  However, like Nicaragua qnd all class-based socieities it was concentrated among the wealthy few, the ruling families who made up the aristocracy and who kept the common people in virtual economic serfdom and slavery so that they kept everything for themselves and nobody else had access to the things that make one man hold a superior position to another one.

    Mao, Deng, and the Cultural Revolution changed all of that.  After Mao came to power he forcibly wiped out the elite class in bloody purges and instituted a system of widespread terror and murder that has been copied in every nation that has fallen to Communism before ( Russia ) and since ( Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, etc. ) The Chinese have to keep with the Joneses because it's pretty much a cultural mandate of theirs going back 10,000 years when they were the dominant power in Asia, and since they have seen themselves as such and don't even acknowledge the other Asian peoples as even worth mentioning or treating as equals you'll see how they believe that through their money and their great zeal for learning and thirst for success how and why they are surpassing even Europe and America now and pretty soon will dominate the world.

     I've read here and I think you have stated that your wife is from the Phillipines... I know Asian cultures pretty well since I have grown up around many Asians, particularly Southern Asians like the Vietnamese and also the Koreans, and being from a Right-Wng family we have a great respect for the Japanese and acknowledge what the Chinese have done for the world.  I don't know if you have casual conversations with your wife about other Asian cultures but if you ever ask her point blank " Do Filipinos like Chinese? " she'll tell you " HELL NO! " in any way, shape or form she can.  The Chinese are seen as the Carpetbaggers of the world in any nation they go to, sometimes worse then the Jews themselves since they APPEAR to care about the country they're in, want to blend in, want to be a part of that society but they never are and always maintain their roots to the old country.  Idi Amin in Uganda realized this and it really doesn't matter how, but he kicked them out of Uganda and subsequently Uganda fell behind economically through his system of forced expulsions and the like of races that weren't exclusively African, even though the Chinese contribute vastly to the commerce of any nation they're in like I have already stated.

     The Koreans are very different than the Chinese in so much that their culture WAS almost based exclusively on isolationist racial ethnic policies that allowed them to keep their racial hegemony for many centuries, they even paid a tribute of 2000 lbs. ( i believe it was that amount, not sure but you can look it up ) of gold every year to the Mongols so that they wouldn't invade their homeland.  The Koreans were VERY, VERy opposed and still are to race mixing expcet that the younger generation that has emigrated to other parts of the world is caught up in the NWO mentality that everybody has to be one race, get along cos we're one united human family, eat the same foods and watch the same T.V. programs, worship the same gods irrespective of social, political and cultural differences cos in this new melting pot of the planet we call Earth we all have to think alike and look alike, talk alike and walk alike and just plain forget about the past cos it's all over, the injustices, the wars, the bad blood, everything that came before has been washed away.  You've seen how the wars are going in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, do you think it's any coincidence that the way the Afghanis kick the shit out of dvery empire that invades their homeland is a freak occurence of nature?  No, those people just want to keep their racial, ethnic, and social customs alive and don't care about money, power, worldview, etc.  They have no need for money and jewels and Mercedes Benzes and Rolex watches, those goatherders and sheperders from the rough, inhospitable mountains of Kandahar and Kazahkhistan and Uzbekistan.  It's all of us spoon-fed educated types from wherever we're from, golden cradles in Latin America or brick Tudor homes in Boston who care about that stuff.  Watch and see how the war is going to continue in Afghanistan and possibly even continue, Peter, watch and see.  If one Afghani sheperd even learns how to appreciate a Mercedes Benz I'll rest my case and march proudly into the new Oceania of Big Brother's new global empire.

where from and some questions

I was born and raised in New England; later spent time on the west coast before heading back to New England.  I have, however, been to all 50 states.

Your theories are interesting; some of them I certainly agree with, although after some time thinking about this idea that racial integration results in materialistic Joneses self enslavery, I haven't yet made that connection myself.  What is forced racial integration?  Is this the same as what you describe as "the dagos mixed with the indias"?  Who said it was forced?  I'm not saying it wasn't, I just wasn't there.  And hasn't there been a drive for progress in South Korea that was not produced by racial integration?  Where did China's drive for progress and Joneses-issue come from that has burst on the scene over the past 25 years?  While Beijing certainly has taken over the country, it's different than the 300 years of Spanish emigration to Latin America?

More Or Less

     When you have a high incidence of race mixing and forced racial integration then you the pack-horse mentaility of getting ahead and above all yo other niggas and border bruthas is what typically dominates a person's thought process, but when you haven't had to deal with that ever in your life then you really don't see yourself as less or more than the average person, no matter what race they may be.  Certainly no upper-class PLN-PLC in Nicaragua is impressed by whitey or what he brings to the table down there, if he's stupid enough to think he can buy us off then the poor, uneducated masses that my primo Daniel has under his thumb are ready with their AK's and gallo pinto and tostones like the Viet Cong wee with their bowls of rice and water oxen.  It's cleary condescing and arrogant of whitey to think that the " indios " are going to clean their house and shine their shoes like their black boys and girls since it was a totally different system of racial inequality that existed in LatinoAmerica.  In most places the dagos mixed with the indias and produced their bastard mestizo offspring, who have always had one foot in the door and sometimes can get in it like I and the rest of my family have.  Now I got a white sister-in-law, sooner or later my nephews are going to be more mestizo than I am, and one day I'm probably going to have to go off and find myself a proto-Aryan princess so I can make my race better and help purify the inferior half of my DNA.  Oh well, that's the way it goes.  What part of the U.S. are you from?  I got a got a kick when you said " massuh ".  Maybe you hate the Oreo Obama as much as I do cos I sure ain't having fried chicken and watermelon for Thanksgiving this year or any other year that follows. VIII VIII

costa rica

Well, I've been in Costa Rica for about a third of the past two years on and off, but we've been back in the Philippines for about 3 months.  Sorry if I was unclear in my garbled Spanslish - Bill is another person who posts on this site, just like you and me.  He is the one who lost his wallet.  (You can register easily also just click Create New Account - then you can post primary articles and also your comments bypass the moderation queue.)

I'm not sure you're right about the word primo - at least the poor, uneducated people (who worked on my farm) used the word regularly - "primo" "hermano" whatever, "maje" yes when there was a slight twist of condescension or sarcasm.  Here's a picture where I'm plowing with an Ox - sorry, no pictures of me plowing with dos bueyes en la manera nicaraguense, although I can do it more or less.  You may be right, that educated Nicaraguans don't call each other primo.  I wouldn't know, as I hardly know any - you're one of the few!  In general, as you know, the more educated 20% of the population left thirty years ago like I assume your family did.

Your words about the pride of the Nicaraguan soul certainly ring true.  He or she may say yes massuh but it's a superficial obediance rather than a respect for knowledge or authority.  When it really comes to learning something new, it's such an offense to the typical Nicaraguan's pride, that he'd rather lose his job to prevent learning anything.  I'm not sure this is exclusively Nicaraguan though - in general, I've found in countries around the world that the resistance to learning and obedience to an infantile conception of pride are highly correlated with criminality and poverty across cultures.

  Pensaba que estabas en

  Pensaba que estabas en Costa Rica, un pais que es mucho mas estable politicamente de EE.UU y con un indices de crimen y harmonia mucho mas pronunciada que Nicaragua, y tienes mucha razon en lo que dices de Costa Rica en relacion a los otros paises de CentroAmerica.  Para clarificacion de todos que no son CentroAmericanos CentroAmerica se consitue historicamente de 5 diferentes paises:  Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, y Costa Rica, cuales juntos fueron conocidos como Las Provencias Unidas de CentroAmerica por un tiempo de 12 anos despues de 10 debajo un temporal parte de unificacion con Mexico despues de la independia de Espana en 1816.  Panama pertenicia a Colombia, y por esa razon nunca fue visto como una parte de CentroAmerica hasta el siglo 20, cuando los Americanos abieron su canal alla.  Belize fue un teretorio de Inglaterra, aunque muchos alli hablan Espanol por su cercania geograficamente a Mexico.  En los terminos raciales Costa Rica es el pais con mas sangre Espanola de CentroAmerica, y en todo LatinoAmerica despues de Cuba y quizas Argentina en poblacion, Chile, Colombia y otras partes de LatinoAmerica tienen una poblacion significante de gente de pura sangre blanca tambien.  Nicaragua es bien mezclada mestijadamente, y cuando nos caratisicas como " indios " es cierto pero es un misnombre tambien, porque muchos somos bien mestizos, y dependiendo de las raices, factores socioeconomicos y lugar de donde pertenecemos todo es relativo a la indice de sangre india o blanca que podemos tener, y gracias a Dios muchos de nosotros somos mestizos puros sin sangre china ni negra o de otras razas no vistos muy bien en LatinoAmerica.

   En referencia a tu billetera me alegra mucho que lo encontraste, y viendo que estas en las Filipinas y no en Costa Rica me gusta que lo podian enviar a ti tan rapidamente, usualmente toca un mes para que mis relativos en Nicaragua reciben algo de mi, yo se que Costa Rica debe de tener una sistema de correo bastante mejor que la de Nicaragua, viendo que los ticos con su sangre blanca, su educacion, su dinero y todos los gringos aparentandos ser LatinoAmericanos, Hispanos, Espanoles o cualquier otra cosa que quieren ser deben de proveer mucho dinero para la sistema postal de Costa Rica, eso hombre!  Una cosa mas Pedro, nosotros en Nicaragua no nos referimos como primo, eso es termino mas usado en lugares como Cuba y Puerto Rico, en Mexico se dice carnal, en Nicaragua maje, en Costa Rica tio, en Argentina che, asi los hombres se referieren y para tener terminos claros ente LatinoAmericanos es mucho mas mejor que nos referimos en terminos basados en el entendimiento basada mutualmente de donde somos de LatinoAmerica, porque muchos Latinos pueden entender cosas diferentes en una parte del continente que en otro.  Para darte un ejemplo vulgar, yo creo que sabes que los nicoyos dicen " chocho " para expresar asutamiento en algo que les parece bastante impresionante, pero en Espana un " chocho " es la parte feminina de una mujer y para no darte cuentos si un Nicaraguense va a Espana y dice chocho de arriba y para abajo todas las mujeres van a ponerse asustadas y ofendidas.  Los Mexicanos dicen " buey " a sus amigos para todo, y yo no se si vos sabes que es " buey " pero es un toro sin testiculos, un " ox " en ingles, y si los Mexicanos creen que no tienen juevos si los nicoyos los tienen y por eso nos gusta pelear con esos gueputas cuando nos dicen algo asi, aunque para ellos no piensan en lo que estan dieciendon, siendo tan ignorantes como los Mexicanos son.  En resumidas cuentas lo que te trato de decir es que uno tiene que conveer las palabras adequadas referientes a las persona con quein estan hablando, porque si le dices " primo " a un pandillero salvadoreno por ejemplo el senor quizas va a creer que no lo respetas y estas buscando un pleito, siendo tan de sangre caliente como son ellos.  Eso es que no entienden los gringos de los Latinos, que aunque ustedes tienen el dinero, la educacion, todo quizas nosotros tenemos nuestro urgullo y por eso otros en este sitio te han dicho no tan educadamente como yo que un gringo nunca entendera lo que es CentroAmerica y que no aparentas ser uno de nosotros porque nunca lo seras.  Vos puedes vivir en Costa Rica toda tu vida, viajar a Nicaragua los fines de semana, pasar tus veranos en Honduras y nunca la gente alli te van a ver como uno de ellos, quizas en Costa Rica tienes un hogar porque la gente se parece a vos, y los Ticos pueden ser tan creedos como queiren ser pero no nos va ni nos viene como son ellos porque nunca emos tenidos un pleito muy grande con ellos, solo se creen mejor porque son " blancos " y nosotros somos " indios " y solo cuando vienen gringos a pasar su tiempo en Costa Rica traen sus ideas de supremacia racial y tal como es eso los Ticos aggaran la bara de ellos para que ellos se pueden convencer que tambien ellos tienen el dinero de los gringos, y los pobres indios siempre seran pobres.  El dinero hace mucha diferencia pero al fin y al cabo todos somos ceres humanos, todos orinamos, todos defecamos, comemos, nos envelliciemos, muramos y nos cuerpos se hacen polvo al tierra de nuevo.  El que un hombre se creer superior a otro es solo por SUS ideas, y no esta tomando las ideas de otros hombres en cuenta.  Un hombre solo es tan grande o tan pequeno que como se piensa en su corazon, tal como las naciones y las gentes al rededor del mundo.  Que pases una muy buena tarde Don Pedro.

ya te extraño primo... pero

Hay que leer con cuidado - era al Bill que se perdió su cartera - pero al fin la halló.  Fijete - in Nicaragua, se lo hubieran volvido al proprio dueño? tal vez - una vez me entregaron una que me había caido en el bus - lo que nunca me daban eran los celulares que perdía.  Y que significa lo que sucedió en honduras?  No tiene nada que ver con Costa Rica, pero si en Nicaragua puede caer feo para todos si los monos manden a los mozos a pelear.  Aquí donde estoy en las filipinas estamas leyendo todo desde muy largo y por eso no nos toca tanto.  Me soprendió tales palabras de obama. Nunca sé loe que el maestro lea de su teleprompter.  Y quien escribe todo eso?  Hoy ví una pelicula de esa pregunta, tal vez el mark tambien la vió.  Y vos que decís?

Zelaya de Honduras

Wow, so the Honduran Zelaya got ousted this week... pretty eventful, huh?  AND your wallet got stolen?  How is Central America looking to you now, Peter?

William Walker and the Filibusters

I really can't say much about William Walker but personally if he did espouse the doctrine of Manifest Destiny it never bothered me much, Latin America in general has always pretty much been a fief of the U.S. so there's not much to say... I actually got together with my Somocista family on Saturday and we were supposed to get together again today but this week my brother is getting married so I'm going to get first-hand accounts from my Uncle the patriarch of my family and see what's happening right now.  We're pretty damn close to the Aleman-Lacayo-Chamorro machine and also the Ortega-Pastora contigent as well so arguing semantics about William Walker in a group of close-minded patriotic Nicaraguans on both sides of the major social-gubernatorial ideologies of the world would be a moot point but since this is your site I am enjoying your thoughts on Nicaragua.  I kinda did think your interest was on a social level, an interest which I am sorry to say is neo-Utopian in it's outlook and although it would be a great day indeed when the average Nicaraguan can break his cycle of poverty it's not likely ever going to happen.  Nicaragua has a plantation mentality, much like Walker would have seen in Tennesee or other parts of the South in his day, haven't you noticed that?  Maids, workers, field hands, etc... get my point?  You're either born with some sort of spoon in your hand or no food at all and that's the only way it's ever been down there and I don't know anything about Costa Rica, Honduras or El Salvador but Nicaragua only knows how to be run by dicatators, strongmen and powerful caudillo families who don't care about the average person.  I know this firsthand, my brother and I have gone down to Nicaragua and since he has a much more defined social compass than I have he often mentions to me how he dislikes how the workers and chaffeurs sit at different tables than the family members, how the staff eats at a different time... he's lived in the egalitarian United States ever since he was 2 years old and has no concept of social class or it's constructs especially since he's never studied Sociology or taken any History courses.  He is your average American do-gooder who wants to make the world a better place and is naive enough to think he can.  I know I could do without being so jaded and cynical but I think reality makes you that way and you can't go through life in a purple haze thinking everything is alright and hunky dory just because you want it to be and therefore it will be.  He's getting married this week and maybe one day he'll grow up and try to see the world in a more realistic way but we'll see.  When I come back I'll talk some more and see what the family says about the old country.  Have a nice week Peter.

What's wrong with the U.S.A.?

Well, you know, it's a bit cliche at this point, but everything Mark has written on this website speaks to the demise of the US - though I think it's not going to be as quick as he seems to believe - the US will still be the richest country in the world until Europe unites, which will be another 25 years or more.

However, my original reason for going to Central America five years ago had to do with wanting to create a multi-cultural ecologically-sustainable, socially responsible community - eventually I hoped also to have education programs for students from many different countries.  I wanted to lay down the privilege of living in the U.S. and live among the people Woody-Guthrie style.  I ended up in Nicaragua because it was close enough to the U.S., because I listened to a bunch of tour guides who said it was a smart idea, because it seemed that Aleman was in jail and Ortega was on the way out.  Shortly before I decided to buy a farm in Nicaragua for that project, I actually put down in paper my plans - which called for me doing it on Panama - read it here

I might end up back in the U.S. We plan to visit within the next year.  I love a lot of things about the U.S.  At least from a distance!

Did you check out the new link I posted to the book by one of William Walker's partners? It's interesting to think back to those days - when "California" and "Nicaragua" were both semi-not-really-part-of-the-U.S.  Was Walker going down as a racist to exploit Nicaraguans?  Or is the actual story more complex?  I'd like to see more primary sources to think more about that.

Walker... A Few Other Things

     William Walker has always been a hot topic of discussion in Nicaragua but the fact is no one in Nicaragua really cares to read, Nicaraguans in general aren't the most cultured of the Latin Americans as many of us will personally attest to... I have never REALLY read a real primary source on Walker since there is really a scant amount of information regarding that period in Nicaragua's history, CIA factbooks, biographies, sources in the country... I know what I know about him through the few history sources that I could get my hands on that seemed to be as unbiased as possible.  I know more about the Filibusters and Vanderbilt than I do about him in all actuality.  I was a World History major in college but my primary focus was on Roman history and not the actual Latin American studies.  Most Latin American studies teachers are flaming Marxists and I am totally opposed to that line of thinking so I would stay away from their courses of instruction and also most of the people where I live are of Mexican descent but seem to carry a deep anger towards the United States which isn't entirely present in myself or most Nicaraguans to the extent it is in them and now they are trying to blend their radical Leftist ways of thinking with the Black Nationalists and people like that...  honestly I just wish everybody would just stick to their own place but this multicultural world isn't allowing that anymore and you have an intergrated world brought about by hundreds of years cross-cultural mingling and things like that.  Most " indios " are conditioned to love the gringos and accept the crumbs off of the table that they give Nicaraguans, the few that are allowed at the table sometimes wish they never accepted the invitation to dine their and there is always strife present within family groups and there is never really any real agreement as to which side they are really on.  Every one of my cousins is married to a person of European descent and my brother is getting married to an American woman of Polish-Italian descent next week and I really don't know what to think of it anymore.  I honestly doubt my family is going to be satisfied if I marry anything less than a gringa or an upper-class Latina be from wherever it is but I honestly don't find either very appealing as I'm attracted to the darker hues, and I really don't know why.  I guess it's just a question of personal taste but I've seen some really odd things up here as of late, like the Blond-haired white man who looks like Robert E. Lee with a Confederate flag on his windshield and a Chinese wife or the Salvadorian woman dressed in full tribal garb with the EAST INDIAN husband... don't you honestly think it makes no sense?  I just think it's odd that you Peter, as a blond-haired blue-eyed American man of obvious British descent, would want to go to Central America and change his name to Pedro Vega and try to immerse himself in the culture of the place, learn to speak dialected Central American, not Castillian, Spanish and bring your Filipina wife to Costa Rica and pretend like you're a man of all worlds who can come and go as he pleases.  What's wrong with living in the United States?  What about your original state, your roots?  Your family in the U.S.?  Why do people spend more time outside of the country of their birth than in it... let's be real here.  I know you're not anti- " indio " cos you're living among them, but there are 30 million illegal immigrants mostly from Mexico residing in the United States.  Is that why you have chosen to live in Costa Rica?  Or is another reason entirely?  Is it because the U.S. government is being dominated by African-Americans, with a Black President in the WHITE House and a liberal Congress who passes all kinds of laws that don't benefit Whites, Conservatives, religious types, or good law-abiding citizens of these United States?  I for one don't plan on being here much longer the way things are going, the minute Barry took the over the Oval Office I started planning my exit strategy, it's back to Nicaragua for me or maybe somewhere where I know I'll have good time, but it's definitely Latin America.  I am an " indio " and you are a White man and for all the enmity that has engendered over the centuries it has been a somewhat peaceful if oftentimes brutal and one-sided coexistence, but that is the fundamental problem in this world that we must face:  race.  When I write on your website about the Nicaragua I know I'm just trying to get though to you that THEY, the radical Leftist Nicaraguans, not the peaceful Conservative ones such as myself, and that is operative word, CONSERVATIVE and I do reiterate that word in all it's effective meanings and connotations, would like to kick you guys out as soon as they have the chance and finally exterminate my kind once and for all I'm just trying to sound the alarm.  If anybody down there would just listen and forget the money, forget the homes, forget all the material things that Americans think the Nicaraguans want from America then they would exit stage right immediately.  Up here the Blacks have taken over and am seeing Whites and Hispanics flee in record numbers, where they're going it's anybody's guess but I know you feel good living in Costa Rica cos it seems like paradise right now, Nicaragua seems like paradise right now, but tomorrow it could all explode and then what will happen?  Have you ever studied the history of the revolutions of many of the countries in Africa, and the expulsion of all the races in Africa that weren't Black?  They are fierce, fierce about protecting their lands and that's why they are in the state they're in, the " indios " on this continent didn't have the same ideas on land rights that Europeans had so that's why the can live in misery forever if it needs be, cos the connection to the land is the strongest thing to an " indio ", not money.  Religion is the most important thing to a Muslim, family to an Asian, etc.  The " indios " can go on making all the clay pots and handicrafts and the gringos can bring them home cos that's all Latin America makes, and they're not asking for more than to eat and be left alone.  Why did Atahualpa give a roomful of gold to Pizzarro if he would leave him alone?  Because gold meant NOTHING to the Incas, just like it meant nothing to the Aztecs.  One man's gold was another man's garbage, in that instance.  Now if Pizarro started taking away all of Atahualpa's TOPAZ then there would have been bigger problems, do you get my meaning?  It's apples and oranges?  It's like a human speaking to a Martian.  IT'LL NEVER WORK.  Every human thinks differently and the strategies they employ to go about their lives are different and there is really no say in who has the upper hand or not, it's the way things are.  Has any human group ever REALLY stayed down?  Every group in history which has been oppressed has always risen up.  The Hebrews.  The Germans when they overthrew the Roman Empire.  The countless wars when one superior country had an upper hand for a while and then lost it.  THE AMERICANS in that little temper tantrum called the American Revolution.  If Reagan was still alive if anybody asked him if he would have REALLY invaded Nicaragua he would give one answer, albeit in private:  HELL NO!  Nicaraguans are the Vietnamese of Latin America:  poor, hardworking, family-oriented, rude, crude, headstrong, stubborn, and unyielding in their desire to live the way they want.  It's us silver-spoon sons of Somoza who bow down to the gringos and manipulate the rest of our brothers to do their bidding but what can we say?  It's in our DNA.  But that's a way of life in Nicaragua as I'm sure you saw personally.   

y por donde exactamente queda la Plaza de Olaf Palme?

peter christopher

I'm not sure which is the Olaf Palme... is this it behind me in this dorky picture?  

My wife and I are now back in the Philippines.  We were in Costa Rica for 7 months but came back here a few months ago.  We are in the process of applying for a US visa for her and she has to be interviewed here.  We don't have firm plans where we will live; we just want at least to visit the U.S. though before we settle.

Speaking of the Philippines - and in reference to your allusion to the founding fathers etc - the U.S. when it took over the Philippines had a legal dilemma because it had no Constitutional provisions for having a Colony - hence, it was always in a quasi-legal state during the 50 odd years of U.S. dominance here.

I have only deleted one rude comment in the history of this site (plus hundreds of computer-generated pseudocomments that were nothing more than webspam to chinese leather suppliers and worse).  Although the site does get a few hundred human visitors a day, about a quarter are just reading the page about coconut oil, and the rest usually don't comment one way or the other.  What you see here is exactly what people have written.  I have not deleted any comments because I disagreed with the content.

I was not aware of that history in world war II.

I was also not as aware of the history of the Nicarau as I was of the history of Diriangen - I lived in Diriamba.

Have you read primary sources about Walker or only secondary sources? 

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Opresion Gringo Y Mundialismo/Globalizacion

En realidad yo no creo que EE.UU tuvo empezo con la creyencia de ser un poder mundial, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Hancock y todos los otros que firmaron la Declaracion de Indepencia de los EE.UU tenian muchas ideas radicales sobre lo que querian pero como todo en la historia lo que puede ser llamada la verdad es subjetado a la interpracion de los cuales lo estan tratando de escribir en ese momento, y las generaciones subsequentes tenien que vivir con los efectos secundarios de las decisiones que sus antipasados les dieron para herencia.  Yo no creo que EE.UU en realidad quieria ser un opresador mundial cuando empezo pero como dice la famosa Estatua de Libertad:  " Give me your poor, your hungry, your tired masses from around the world ( sic ) "  y este pais, Los Estados Unidos de America, empezo como un gobierno de gente de descendia primaramente de las islas Brittanicas y tras los siglos se convierto en una potencia mundial de el sudor y sangre y luchas de tantas razas y gente diferente que llegaron aqui para ser algo.  Para serte franco EE.UU siempre a sido dominado de Brittanicos primariamente... osea lo que te lo que espero que entiendes es que los EE.UU siempre a sido dominado desde las islas Britannicas de una manera o otra, primero por el reinato Britannico y subsequemente de los mas o menos 38 presidentes estadounidenses que tienen decendienza Brittanica de alguna manera.  De que los Brittanicos dominan al mundo no lo dudo ni lo tratare de discutir pero para illustrate a ti directamente Peter is the history of enmity between the Spanish world and the English world that has nothing to do with the present since it is all directly related to the past.

    The wars of religion between Spain and England caused a rift between the two countries that will and has never been mended, and that is why much of American and Latin American relations has always been skewed.  And you are precisely right about Nicaraguans, I am in fact " un indio ", and very proud of it and also very proud of the approximately 30% Spanish blood I have, which I don't show in my physical features but others in my family do.  My people, my tribe that is which I can directly place going back at least 6 generations, is from the region that the chieftain Nicaragua was the ruler of.  As you may or may not know Peter, the cheiftains Nicaragua and Nicarao readily accepted Spanish Roman Catholicism while the cheiftain Diriamben did not, and if that helped any of my people avoid being sent to the mines in Peru or other parts of the Spanish Empire I do not know, but what I do know is that Nicaraguans are fiercely proud people who have always resented Anglo, that is to say English, which is transliterated from the ancient kingdom of Anglia in what is now known as England, encroachment upon Nicaraguan sovereignty. 

When William Walker invaded Nicaragua he was expecting to find a new outlet for his racist views built on the ideas of Manifest Destiny where the Indians and Blacks that lived in Nicaragua would serve him as their undisputed master.  This was unfortunately for Walker not to be because as you know he was executed by a firing squad in Honduras after trying to invade Nicaragua for a second time, although it took an international coalition of basically all the Central American countries to drive him out.  Maybe he shouldn't have f*ck*d with Cornelius Vanderbilt and Nicaragua could have been another Puerto Rico, but who knows?  All I know is there have always been Americans in Nicaragua, and I don't directly resent it because I have a love/hate relationship with Americans but it more love than hate.  I guess you can say I love America for it's freedom and oppurtunity but I honestly have to tell you Peter, with all frankness and as a direct response to your question about racial matters in Nicaragua:  I despise multiculturalism.  I grew up in an area where I had to deal with the poor and huddled masses of humanity from all over the world, and I don't mean to turn your nice website into an outlet for what Nicaraguans think but we can be pretty narrow-minded people and resent other races.  Haven't you noticed when you're in Nicaragua how they treat YOU and how would treat an African-American, or Asian or Middle Easterner?  Hispanic cultures are not very open-minded when it comes to other peoples occupying our hemisphere and I have yet to meet a Nicaraguan who is happy when their children marry people other than Whites.  Did you know that there was a HUGE outpouring of support for Germany and the Axis powers during WWII in Latin America?  Yes, it is very true.  Even now to this day you can go to places in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica and even Nicaragua and meet the White Latin Americans, the mixed Latin Americans, and even " los indios " who have a strong fascistic mentality and would have preferred that Hitler won the war, even though I am certain it would have meant extermination for all of us " indios ", or something else entirely, but who knows?  Fascism is an insane viewpoint but what I am trying to say in a nutshell is that when an American or anybody wants to understand a culture that they do not try to go down to that place and automatically believe that they are a part of that culture, are a part of that race, have a stake in the land, can just move in cos they're American or a member of the White race, specifically the English, because Germans, Italians, French, Portuguese, anybody else are more than welcome.  If the English people had tried to give the peoples of the world a little dignity and allowed them to still stand up and keep their own beliefs and cultures alive then we wouldn't have so much racial, ethnic and religious conflict we have today, which is a direct consequence of the English meddling into others' affairs.  I really like it that you like Nicaragua and loved the country for a while, but you know how they treated you and Ortega will continue to do it to any American or Canadian who goes there.  Have you been to La Plaza de Olaf Palme?  OLAF PALME, HA!  A Swedish Socialist.  Ortega is a friend of Moammar Qaddafi, an Arab extremist.  Friends with Putin, friends with Kim Jong Il, everybody who has a hand in hating America. 

   Why do you now live in Costa Rica?  Maybe being around all the Whites made more sense to you, didn't it?  Think about it, think about the open and covert hostility you felt in Nicaragua and you still seem to be bitter about it in your writings.  Nicaragua is and always will be a hostile country to Americans and they're going they're in droves, lining up by the thousands every year to go into the heart of the lion's den.  I can't wait to see their faces when Daniel Ortega and the FSLN snatch up all their homes and gives them away to " el pueblo ".  It'll happen sooner or later, but you don't have to take my word for it.  I am just trying to let give you insight into what the Nicaraguan people are like because after 150 years of disrespect from the U.S. they won't hesistate to stab America in the back, as will the world sooner or later.  I don't want it to happen but it will as soon as Putin or the Chinese give the order, or maybe Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud will finally push the button.  Anyway I hope you continue to live you great life in Costa Rica, happy and free to do what you please, content in believing that if you do unto somebody as they do unto you that you'll be O.K., but I just want you to know that it won't happen IN NICARAGUA.  Feel free to tell me your thoughts cos I'm just trying to help you understand the mentality of the people down there.  How many comments have you deleted from people who say horrible things to you that are belligerent and close-minded?  That's how the people in Nicaragua are!  Don't put your head in the sand Peter and tell all the Americans in Nicaragua to wake up before it's too late. 

Hi Zelaya

Your style is interesting but I'm not always sure I'm following 100% whether you are speaking to me (Peter) or to Americans in Nicaragua, or just in general to anyone who wants to listen.  As for myself personally, sure I had minor and major runins with Sandinistas, liberals, etc.  You could say I'm a bit worse for wear, but no pain no gain, right?

For several years I didn't write about Nicaragua (or any other subject) publicly.  Last fall, several people encouraged me to share more, however, and so I have done so.  You are right, of course, that to become involved in the politics of a foreign country is generally a mistake; but to take note of the politics, and to understand it so that one can make informed decisions is not a mistake.

Yes, I've been to some places in the Matagalpa - Jinotega area, though not much.  I never had extended conversations about race with the people there but would be interested to hear your ideas about what I might have learned.

I did talk about race with many others in Nicaragua - los que dicen 'somos indios', y los que dicen 'no lo soy'; los que hablan de matriculacion y ruben dario y los que no hablan de nada sino comunican por sus dedos. Son dos años de hablar poco español desde que salí de nicaragua pero no me lo olvidó, claro que algo si. me hace falta ahorita escucharlo! 

What you seem to be saying in your story is that America is no longer the light of the world, that is has been infiltrated by selfish, dishonest persons who have more in common with Ortega than they do with the Americans of 1900?

So what do you think, is the U.S. the light of the world, or is it the world's oppressor, or is it both?

Sandinistas and resentment of anything American

Hi Peter,

            I honestly do agree with your assessment of the narcissitic aspects of the Sandinista regime and particularly of their rulng junta of corrupt leaders, but in your reply it sounds vaguely personal like someboy, ONE Sandinista or perhaps a few did something to make your angry enough to loathe them which I can completely understand, but as for a person's complete belief in their land as their birthright it is what is central to the beliefs of all human beings on the planet.  Now because of a constant erosion of national borders through international trade agreements, multinational corporations and outsourcing worldwide, rampant migration through each and every country where sooner or later every country on the planet is going to look like what the United Nations envisioned them to be, a melting pot of humanty that is a mass amalgamation of every society, tongue, race, culture, and creed that came before it and will ultimately lead the world into a Star Trek like fantasy of a Brave New Utopia.

     That is the central viewpoint of many people on the planet, the people on the planet who don't see the world as one big friendly playground, where we can all travel in peace from country to country, live in one place while having summer homes in others, having friends from all walks of life and opening ourselves to new horizons and new ways of thinking where people are free to do what they want and there are no boundaries.  No morality, no nations, no strife, no war, no suffering... it sounds great but it's impossible.  And the single fact is for all it's faults and it has many Nicaragua and Nicaraguans are a stubborn, hardworking, narrow-minded, callous and rude people at their worst, more so than other Latin American peoples.  Why do you think a left-wing fascist viewpoint like Nicaraguan-styled Sandinista Communism was able to flourish in Nicaragua?  Somoza himselft was a despot and dictator, but he was right-wing caplitalist who allowed foreign investment and inversion into the country so that he could fill his pockets with their money and fatten his wallet and those of political cronies and the few, select political families that thought like him.  Any Nicaraguan who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth thinks, acts, walks and talks exactly like any Nicaraguan born with none at all.  It is a national mentality and will that does not allow for capitulation to anything or anybody, and especially not to the vaunted and vastly superior United States.  The Nicaraguans aren't afraid to quarrel with the U.S., it's just that Daniel Ortega is biding his time and is waiting for the oppurtune moment to strike.  I think every American, European, white or foreign investor in who has a pot to piss in should get everything he has out of Nicaragua A.S.A.P., Daniel Ortega is a snake a sickening human being of the lowest order and he and all the other Nicaraguans may be smiliing at the gringos right now but are going to take everything back sooner or later.

    Let me tell you a little story, Peter, about the way the world is because honest to God I believe in America and what it has done for me...

      If any other President, any WHITE President would have been in office I would have gone to war for the U.S. because of the current situation the world is in right now witht he saber-rattling of the North Koreans and all.  But the fact is the current United States President is Black and is of African origin to boot, and to top it all off he is of Muslim extraction...  well in my neighborhood here where I live I go to a local pizzeria which is a place I have been going to for many years.  About a year ago the original owner sold the business to an older gentleman who appeared to be of Italian origin, but as I have gotten to known I noticed a few things.  He would speak very honestly and open with me about his feelings on the situation in the United States, and knowing what I know of the many ethnic groups in the United States I inferred that he was Iranian, but masquarding as an Italian many because he could certainly pass for one but his accent was a little off.  One day when I walked in to order one of my pizzas he casually started a conversation with me which sooner or later turned to politics, and in particular the Presidential election.  As our conversation continued he grew increasingly agitated and exclaimed to me that " these Americans are all about war, war, war, and only want to impose their will on the world.  The Prophet says... "  and that's when I asked him... " THE PROPHET... Ah... which PROPHET is that?  You are an articulate and vastly intelligent man, Peter, now when we hear someone refer to THE PROPHET who are they talking about?  MOHAMMED.  Well, he quickly backtracked in that moment a White American walked in and he quickly attended him, and the man was being very nice and asked him where his pizza recipe was from and he told him " Oh, it's an old family recipe from Tuscany..." 

     The fact of the matter is that although America has enjoyed the fruits of empire for as these years the world is increasingly becoming hostile to America for what it represents, the neo-Roman Empire that is trying to impose it's culture, it's beliefs, it's values on the world and those that don't go along are seen as in the way of America's loftier ambitions so they must be dealt with swiftly and decisively.  And going back to what I told you about Nicaraguans... did you ever get to go to Matagalpa or any of the Pueblos Blancos?  Did you see any of the White Nicaraguans, the German Nicaraguans?  Did any of them speak to you about the racial aspects of Nicragua, and Latin American society in general?  If you ever have the chance visit Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil... you'll gain a good understanding of how Latin Americans view race and politics.  There are neo-Nazi groups, anti-Jewish organzitions, etc.  Latin America is a stronghold for such beliefrs, so if you dislike Sandinistas try to separate the Sandinista or the PLC from the Nicaraguan, because ultimately don't get involved with the politics of the country, just deal directly with the people if they'll accept you as someone the would like to deal with.  Ultimately in this world people have a pre-determined set of beliefs, and although you have an evolved way of thinking and an open worldview you must remember the rest of the world really does not.  America is the light in the world, the rest ofr the world is cold, brutal, dirty, and insance.

Greetings Zelaya. I'm not

Greetings Zelaya.

I'm not sure why you state that a non-Nicaraguan can't understand their situation.  There's certainly a different perspective one necessarily has as an outsider or partial outsider, like you and I both are to varying degrees, but that in itself doesn't make comprehension impossible in my opinion.

Did the Sandinistas inspire hatred in me?  Well, I believe in the value of civil society - the right of property, free speech, the value of trusting personal relationships in which honest dialogue can take place, accountability in personal and business, etc.  The Sandinistas are the epitome of a narcissistic aspect of Nicaraguan culture, a madness in which a Nicaraguan believes that civility is his birthright to receive from others but not his responsibility.  It is an illness whereby a Nicaraguan mischaracterizes something you might have done (or might not have done even) as an attempt to take advantage of him, which in his mind then justifies him to engage in any or all retribution no matter the scale of the escalation or the inaccuracy of the original offence. 

I'm not sure if it's beneficial to me or anyone to hate something, but I do agree that when ranking the less desirable aspects of life on earth, that the madness that the Sandinistas embody is at least a prime candidate.



War Stories

You don't the half of it, Mr. Christopher... you can't really know them unless you're one of them.  Since they're your own people it makes your hair stand on end when you think about it... I have both Sandinistas and PLC in my family.  It's a really messed up thing, it's like being a child of heaven with brothers living in hell.  They're crooks no doubt, and they are powerful.  Their tentacles weave around the world in vast, invisible networks of power and money that was earned dishonestly through force, intimidation, brute power and annihilation of all opposition to resistance of their will.  Somoza was a cold, brutal, unfeeling, uncaring and ultimately arrogant dictator who never thought a group of "hinchos " was going to take over his family's empire but it happened, and my forefathers suffered because of it.  I am an oddity in the world: I am a first-generation immigrant from Nicaragua who is fully assimilated into American society and culture, so much so that other Latinos think I was born here and look at me as a sellout or America-lover.  Americans rarely look at me at all, through my education and assertiveness I have been able to be given a modicum of respect in most circles, especially when I spread money around since it seems that is all that matters in the world, anyway.  I don't the Nicaragua of the '60s when Somoza was in power or the Nicaragua of the '80s when the Sandinistas were running it into the ground, but their is one common thread that all the generations of Nicaraguans still alive today can agree upon:  Nicaragua was better under a Somoza than a Sandinista.  Every Nicaraguan I have spoken to from the older generation says that life was better under Somoza, no matter if they live like hidalgos, burgueses, caciques or finqueros or campesinos.  Can I ask you a question, Mr. Christopher?  In your time in Nicaragua did the Sandinistas inspire in you the hatred that exists for them in every honest, forthright Nicaraguan?  It seems to me that in your writings you express a general loathing for them worthy of a true Nicaraguan.  I would commend you if I didn't think hatred was a bad thing, but if their are people to be hated in the world it's themall right.

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