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Soñando con el paraíso? Estoy buscando para compartir mi Costa Rica el Caribe estilo de vida.

"Si usted no ve lo que usted desea, pidelo!" Todos hemos oído esa expresión. Bueno, yo lo he tomado en serio y estoy haciendo precisamente eso. Yo quiero que el amor - el amor romántico - y estoy pidiendo. Amigos, familiares, extraños ... Le pido a cualquiera y todo el mundo. Ha publicado en todo Facebook. Sé exactamente, específicamente lo que quiero y he hecho una página web con mi petición: Ya he recibido una respuesta positiva:

"Se está buscando algo muy noble e importante para todo ser humano."
"¡Qué gran manera de explicar en detalle, sin embargo, simplemente diciendo" Hola, soy yo! '"
"Pocas personas tienen la capacidad de expresar sus temores y prejuicios de todo corazón - bravo"
"Usted ha transmitido lo que yo quiero, pero no soy tan valiente como tú para pedir, ¡buena suerte!"

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Dreaming of Paradise? I'm looking to Share my Costa Rica Lifestyle!

“If you don’t see what you want, ask for it!” We’ve all heard that expression. Well I’ve taken it to heart and I’m doing just that. I want love - romantic love - and I am asking for it. Friends, family, strangers... I ask anybody and everybody. It’s posted all over Facebook. I know exactly, specifically what I want and I’ve made a web page with my request: Already I’ve received a positive response:

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Hello (not) from paradise!

Hello Readers and Friends,
        As you may know, I have been in the United States for a month. Most of my time has been spent in a little chunk of suburbia penned in by a maze of massive highways on the East Coast Megalopolis. I have two more weeks until I'm back home in paradise. My time here has confirmed the two most important things I just said in the previous sentence: "back home" and "in paradise".
        When I first moved to Costa Rica people often asked me if I intended to stay there always. "Always - that's a long time." I would reply. "I'm here now, that's all I know." The idea of home takes a while to develop; getting your bearings, making friends, learning about the area, accepting the bad with the good and finding your own little niche. I'm coming on four years of Caribbean life and I now finally, freely call it home. Will I always live there? Always is a long time...

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What does living in Costa Rica have to do with the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East?

Seeing Signs of Hope
       The soothsayer in the street holds up a sign: The End Times are Here - it’s Armageddon! Yet the sun rises the next morning and life goes on. We were really ready for it on December 31st 1999 - but nothing happened. And now as we approach 2012 some are a bit nervous for the Mayan predictions. All along there has been a deep inner knowing that things on this earth were not right. People have been searching for answers and reaching out to every imaginable possibility. Are we doomed? And if we are what can one person do? Better not to think about it.

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From bike to boat!

Hola from the Caribe sur!
I took a bike ride yesterday and turned it into a tour you can take yourself, complete with photos, a map and the howls of a monkey! The surprise ending is something you may need my help with, if you decide to come to Costa Rica and try it. But even if you can't come here, you can enjoy the ride through my photos. I love to share my fun!

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Do Costa Ricans Care?

Motorcycle Angel
       Here is my latest example of why I love the Costa Rican people.
       In the two years I have lived on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, I’ve driven the four hour drive to San Jose eight to ten times. I lived in San Jose for about six weeks once and I bought my car there, too. Yet driving in San Jose still un nerves me. And I still get lost. Almost every time I go to San Jose, I get lost. But it’s OK. That is how I learn.
       Recently I went into the city to pick up my daughter, Chelsea, at the airport. I know the drill. I’ve done it many times before and all went well. After the airport, I had no trouble finding our hotel. It was my third time there. I got lost on the way, last time. I’ve made the hour drive across town and out of San Jose to the highway toward the Caribbean many times. That was a piece of cake - at least I thought so.

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Testing the Power of Intention

Some of you have been following my Costa Rica Travel Journals:

Well, I have started a new blog that I thought you might be interested in. It is not about Costa Rica, it is about my getting back to Costa Rica. It is called, “Life on the Edge - Testing the Power of Intention”

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