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Your Friend

Mark, you write that you have seen a poor guy give his next-to-last noodle to someone else, and that this is uncommon in our birth country, but you love it there. Do you have any real friends there? Can you trust anyone there? Maybe some people gave their next-to-last noodle because they saw you watching, or gave it to you. But that doesn't mean they didn't have self-interest in mind when they did it. How much of the time can you take what people say at face value? Yes maybe there are many people in the continental also who will slip and fall and sue you for a dollar, and maybe there are crooks in Wall Street, Jews Gentiles and Muslims. Communists who can't do math trying to shut down the coal factory and herd up a lot of people to pillage the "big bad medical companies and insurers" who actually if you look carefully don't even have all that much money to pillage anyway. But there are some people here who I can say are my friends, who I can trust.

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