no one wants to see it!!! lol

If you have seen some of my post, the last one titled you just can't make this stuff up, talked about what a day I had trying to get my lic. well I did go back with another friend and I did pass the test this time, then it was off across the street to take the diving part of it. I applied for a commerical truck lic. just in case my guys are out sick and I have to step in and drive one of my trucks. well in order to get the class D lic. I had to take the driving test in a truck. I said o ok that sounds right, I'll call and have one of my guys bring my dump truck over, o you don't have to do that, we have a truck over there you can rent. o cool... well I walked over with a handful of young people there to get their first lic. you could see the fear in their eyes, which I am sure was in mine some 32 years ago.

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What does living in Costa Rica have to do with the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East?

Seeing Signs of Hope
       The soothsayer in the street holds up a sign: The End Times are Here - it’s Armageddon! Yet the sun rises the next morning and life goes on. We were really ready for it on December 31st 1999 - but nothing happened. And now as we approach 2012 some are a bit nervous for the Mayan predictions. All along there has been a deep inner knowing that things on this earth were not right. People have been searching for answers and reaching out to every imaginable possibility. Are we doomed? And if we are what can one person do? Better not to think about it.

Your Friend

Mark, you write that you have seen a poor guy give his next-to-last noodle to someone else, and that this is uncommon in our birth country, but you love it there. Do you have any real friends there? Can you trust anyone there? Maybe some people gave their next-to-last noodle because they saw you watching, or gave it to you. But that doesn't mean they didn't have self-interest in mind when they did it. How much of the time can you take what people say at face value? Yes maybe there are many people in the continental also who will slip and fall and sue you for a dollar, and maybe there are crooks in Wall Street, Jews Gentiles and Muslims. Communists who can't do math trying to shut down the coal factory and herd up a lot of people to pillage the "big bad medical companies and insurers" who actually if you look carefully don't even have all that much money to pillage anyway. But there are some people here who I can say are my friends, who I can trust.


Many of you are reading this site to find out insider info on places that you have dreamed about and I am sure read other sites about. Your sitting home and going by what you think you know and what you have learned on sites. You all are fed that wonderful palm tree by the ocean shot.. ahhhh yes you can just see yourself sitting there. Many of you take that info and sale off everything and hop a flight and buy your dream house and begin to start your new life.. and many people can't cut it and then sale everything and move back home. for many of you this is a costly error. to find yourself back to square one and a busted dream.

there are many things that you need to do before you make that leap. there are also many things you need to look at within your own self. lets look at some.

You just can't make this stuff up

so I have lived here in panama for 5 year or so, and in all that time I have been driving on my u.s. drivers lic. which of course are no longer any good. well the police use to not have a way to check your back ground record or drivers lic. till now. Now that they have this new toy to check things, they are using it left and right and handing out 150.00 tickets and towing your car if you don't have a drivers lic. which is ok that's what we use to do in the states as well. so I thought ok I got to get my new lics. so I start off to do just that....

right off the bat they tell me because my u.s. lic is not good, then I must take a 36 hour driving course. cost 300.00
well I paid a guy 150.00 bucks and he gets that for me.
so with that in hand I take a friend of mine along with me to the lic. center. he speaks s better then I
blood test.. done
eye test done
hearing test done
all forms and copies done

HEY peter I was just reading your cutter ant post!!!

I just read that and one part hit me as funny where you wrote about trying to dug them up to find the queen. maybe so if they had not been there but a very very short time. I have a lot down the road which is around 7000 meters, and cutter ants in 4 lines going from end to end bring back all kinds of flower and leaves, I followed them back to the hole they were going down and declared WAR!!!! I thought hum I'll burn em out.. I filled a 5 gal gas can and poured it down the hole. yep I did... lol I poured a small line of gas far back away from it and threw the match.. boom!!! yeah baby take that.. next day I went back and the same lines were going about their everyday life, but going down another hole not far from the first one. hummm so I did this again. and again and again. I have yet to see that I have made a dent on these guys.

your embassy and what they will do for you

When I was in colombia and my wife and I had to go to the u.s. embassy to apply for her k-1 visa I had idea's in my head of crack u.s. highly trained and skilled ready to kill army men on post. what I found was local guards from colombia who couldn't even speak english. Once inside it wasn't much better. Being a holder of a u.s. passport I also thought that maybe they would take us before all the rest and do our paperwork. not that I am any better then anyone but just because It's my embassy. that didn't happen either.

today I got a taste of the embassy here in panama. Now I share this because many people think that if you have a problem in another country your embassy will be there for you and this really isn't what I have learned.


Well today was really nice, the sun did come out for a while to say hello, before the clouds took over. Which reminds me of a story about two months back I had let a friend of mine use my camera which I always carry with me in the truck, and while coming home up the mountain I made a turn and just had to stop and pull over to look at this awesome cloud that was just sitting half way down the mountain, it looked as if the cloud said I'll rest here a bit before moving on. you could see the mountain above and below it. I thought wow what a shot, so I reached for my CAMERA.. o well at least I have the shot in my mind.

BAC San Jose

I need to vent out loud, long and hard!
I am a native U S Citizen, [from the South Eastern U. S.] I wish to remain anonymous for now.
This vent is in reference to BAC San Jose. In 2008 I worked and was paid as a private contractor for Berlitz, which setup and open an account under my name and my passport number for payroll deposits.

Subsequently after no longer working for Berlitz in early 2009 I discontinued using the account therefore the account became inactive with a small balance remaining! During the second week in October 2010 I went to the BAC San Jose, Playa de Coco location attempting to open a new account and have the old balance transferred into the new account. The staff took and made copies of my Passport and my ‘American Social Security Administration’ Benefit Statement which contained watermarking, the www address and a bar code.


I met both of these people here in our little resort town in panama. They came here in april and spent two days looking over property. By that time they had already killed 5 people in bocas and I guess they were looking for more property to take over here. In those two days I spent around 10 hours with them at our local pub. I found him to be loud and needing to be the center of everything, which he was because most of us here are very open and friendly and when someone new comes around we all want to get to know about their lives. It's funny because you think this world is so huge and we are all so far away from our place of birth, but I have met three people here that lived in my home town, one of those lived no more then 20 miles from me.

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