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From bike to boat!

Hola from the Caribe sur!
I took a bike ride yesterday and turned it into a tour you can take yourself, complete with photos, a map and the howls of a monkey! The surprise ending is something you may need my help with, if you decide to come to Costa Rica and try it. But even if you can't come here, you can enjoy the ride through my photos. I love to share my fun!

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History Of Cinquera in El Salvador


Somos una asociacion sin fines de lucro, una de las tareas es ayudar nuestro pueblo, alredadores y otros en el desarrollo de cutural, historical y ecoturismo rural en El Salvador. Si te interesa apoyanos.
Nuestro páginas web se parecido muy pronto en español, inglés y otras idiomas atrear vistitantes y voluntarios del exterior. Nuestras guias nativos serían disponible todo el año, no solo en domingos/dias feriados.

por ejemplo:


Una cooperativa dedicada al turismo rural receptivo, formada por hombres y mujeres salvadoreños, jóvenes y adultos mayores, gente común y corriente quiénes tenemos una extraordinaria vida.

Estamos a tus servicios tan pronto llegues a El Salvador y serás nuestro huésped de honor y gustosamente te acompañaremos a los extraordinarios sitios que tu quieras visitar a lo largo y ancho del país.

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Scarify Noni Seeds With FingerNail Clippers to Aid Germination

In order to get your noni seeds to germinate, you need to crack the hard shells somehow.  Otherwise, the seeds will simply sit for month and years without germinating at all.  The best way is to use fingernail clippers and just clip off one quarter of the seed at the thin end, so that the water can enter there.  Then of course you plant the seeds just like any other seed in a small starter pot, maybe a 4" pot, and when it is 6" tall after 3 months you can transplant it.  One to two years later you'll have ripe noni in your tree that you grew from your own seed.

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So the other day Megavision's TeleNoticias 21 asks an odd question about Tony Saca...

They asked:

"Do you think now that Tony Saca is affiliated with the Gana party, that he could possibly run for re-election?"

And I said WHAAAAT? Because, Tony Saca already ran under the ARENA party and his term ended. So if he changes his political party he can run under a new party label? How does that work?

Here's what I'm seeing...the ARENA party wore out their welcome with Tony Saca and his efforts to debilitate El Salvador, remove the principles of free speech, and promote ARENA candidate Rodrigo Avila (known as a death squad leader and one of the prominent gun distributors and police chief). So Saca and his pals took their marbles home and El Salvador began seeing signs of GANA appearing all over the country.

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El Salvador's Economy Tied to the Whims of the Federal Reserve Fiasco?

Since El Salvador has adopted the dollar, the economy there has been tied to the EEUU's ridiculous and corrupt Federal Reserve Corporation, which even many U.S. citizens confuse for a government agency instead of a corporate venture. And while this is beneficial for ex-pats, I wonder if it benefits the citizens of El Salvador. Especially when our dollar has become a fiat device instead of a note backed by sound assets. So what impact will it have on El Salvador as currency continues to devalue under the escalating debt of EEUU?

In most Central American countries, including El Salvador, the practice of borrowing to pay for consumer goods is not as popular as in the U.S. Most people pay cash for goods and live more within their means. But with the dollar devaluing each day, many in El Salvador feel the dollar should be replaced with the colón again and a strong movement is under way to do this. This way they can back their currency with reserves.

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Getting Married in El Salvador

So...the next move, once I get there is to get married to my Salvadoran common law husband. Since we've been together for 11 years, this is fairly non eventful, but I thought maybe others might like to learn what you need to go through dealing with the documents. We are fortunate, because we have an attorney, but it doesn't make getting the documents easier. Always there are time limits. Here is a wonderful resource to guide you:

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The complexities of shipping your household goods to El Salvador

In searching the internet I found virtually nothing about shipping goods to El Salvador, so I hope at least shed some new light on this. I'm going to try to explain how complex this can be, if you do a great deal of this yourself, to save money.

To begin with, you need to estimate how much you need to ship. This means you will probably be selling many unnecessary items. But before you do that, have someone come out from a shipping company and estimate how much you have. (They will do this to give you a quote for free, and it IS wise to do this). I'd do this months before, if possible, so you can have time to sell what you need to. Know the prices of a a 40 ft container, a 20 ft container, and palletizing your items. I can tell you that you get more bang for your buck using a container, unless you have about one pallet with less than 100 pounds. That is not much! Maybe 5 boxes at the most?

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Entering El Salvador

I thought I would begin this adventure by explaining the ways a person can enter El Salvador legally and how they can extend their stay. To begin with, the best source I've found on this is the following sites:

It gives all the details, so you don't have to look much further. But I'll try to condense it based on what I'm doing. I was originally moving to another country and we have changed our minds. So I had very little time to switch many things regarding our move. What I have learned is that anyone can fly into El Salvador from the U.S. with a valid passport with at least 6 months left on it. You can pay $10 at the airport and gain a 30 day tourist visa.

If you want a longer stay, you can apply for an extended stay (90 days) by going to the Foreign Department of the Main Office of Immigration, Ministry of Govern to obtain a longer stay permit.

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Bringing pets to El Salvador

So Monday I arrive in El Salvador with my dog...a 50 pound boxer. I thought I'd share what I've learned about shipping our dog. I am leaving from California, so you may want to check with your local division, but here are the steps for bringing our dog.

My husband checked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure what I had found on the internet was true.

1. Rabies and vaccinations must be up to date.

2. You must obtain a certificate of health for the animal, no sooner than 10 days before you arrive.

3. Once you get that health certificate you do the following:

4. You take it immediately to your local USDA office to verify that the certificate documents are according to standards, showing the animal has no contagious diseases. Here is the web site, explaining exactly what is required:

For Los Angeles, this is the contact number and address:

APHIS 310 725-1970,

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Moving to El Salvador

Why El Salvador?

The average temperature for Costa Rica lies between 71 and 81 degrees, the average temperature for Nicaragua is 85 degrees, and the average temperature for El Salvador is from 64 to 72 degrees. So it is a bit more temperate than countries further south.

Banking is much easier in El Salvador than many Central American countries, because they share many banks that also exist inside the U.S. A few of them: HSBC, Banco Agricola Commercial. El Salvador now uses the dollar for its monetary system, so retirees can benefit from no exchange rates when transferring money.

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