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Internet Vulgarians who live in Central America

There seems to be a class of people who have bottomed out in decency and etiquette, or much of anything else that demonstrates a quality person of high moral fiber. They live in some of these Central American forums on the internet, gossiping about other people's lives, experiencing some form of bizarre pleasure by living through osmosis, examining the lives of their "victims." They are people who do not even know the "victims" or the impact they could have on their lives, through spreading unfounded claims against these people. They exist as internet "bullies" in groups of others who share the same core weaknesses, most likely because of some void in their lives, or adolescent boredom.

I am new

here. I see that Jorge Giraldez is promoting nicaraguan real estate here but mostly he promotes himself.

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Do Costa Ricans Care?

Motorcycle Angel
       Here is my latest example of why I love the Costa Rican people.
       In the two years I have lived on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, I’ve driven the four hour drive to San Jose eight to ten times. I lived in San Jose for about six weeks once and I bought my car there, too. Yet driving in San Jose still un nerves me. And I still get lost. Almost every time I go to San Jose, I get lost. But it’s OK. That is how I learn.
       Recently I went into the city to pick up my daughter, Chelsea, at the airport. I know the drill. I’ve done it many times before and all went well. After the airport, I had no trouble finding our hotel. It was my third time there. I got lost on the way, last time. I’ve made the hour drive across town and out of San Jose to the highway toward the Caribbean many times. That was a piece of cake - at least I thought so.

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Cartago, Costa Rica - a San Jose / Central Valley Day Trip Worth Taking

Whether you are visiting or live in Costa Rica, most people spend at least some time in the capital city of San Jose in the Central Valley area.

Many visit the San Jose downtown sites and are then looking for nearby places to visit for half or full-day trips. Most popularly mentioned ideas based on their relatively close geographic proximity to San Jose can still be several hours in travel time due to Costa Rica's terrain, roads and traffic. Examples: Poás Volcano is 1.5 hours away, Arenal Volcano is 4 hours away, La Paz Waterfall is 1.5 hours, etc., etc.

A closer and no less interesting destination is San Jose's neighboring city ... Cartago.

what caused the waves last week in panama?

So me and the wife are planning on opening up a new BBQ restaurant down on the main highway, because I love bbq and they have no clue how to do it here.. so at least if no one comes I'll gain a few pounds..


anyway speaking to a friend of mine I asked if he knew anyone who had some equipment for sale and he did. so down to a really nice beach side bar to meet woody the owner of woody's bar... how cool the name... anyway I bought a piece from him and afterwards we sat and talked and he kept twisting my arm to have another drink with him.  the sob.. anyway I liked him a lot and we talked for a hour or so.

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Testing the Power of Intention

Some of you have been following my Costa Rica Travel Journals:

Well, I have started a new blog that I thought you might be interested in. It is not about Costa Rica, it is about my getting back to Costa Rica. It is called, “Life on the Edge - Testing the Power of Intention”


I don't know if I wrote about this before but I have been trying to put in a block company on my land here. I bought this property because it is zoned for commerical use.  well this property has been untouched for 70 years, by that I mean a home is on it and the gounds are neat and cut like a golf course for that long, but no commerical building has ever been on it.  well the lady across the street from me didn't like the idea that I was buidling something on this land, that along with the fact she doesn't like gringos.  

I was getting things rolling really good, then she had the mayor of the town that is over us, which she is having a affair with,  come and order me to stop.. well lawyers were called and back and forth in the end, the mayor's  term was up and a new one, which this one she wasn't having a affair with, yet....  takes over.  




wow nothing is easy around me... my wife was getting close to the due date, so I asked if her two aunts who live down the road would come and move in with us so when the time came, one could go with us and the other could stay with our three year old.  well that night both of the aunts worked late and went home telling me they would both be here first thing  in the a.m to wait it out..


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What's that Jar of Spicy Vegetables at Costa Rica Restaurants?

So what is that jar of spicy vegetable dressing on the table of many Costa Rica restaurants?

It's called "Chilera" !

Chilera or Vinagre Chilera is a staple in Costa Rican cuisine that consists of a mix of hot chile peppers, onions, carrots, green beans and ...cauliflower mixed with vinegar (usually fermented banana vinegar).

Chilera is used to spice up many Costa Rican dishes -- just add a few drops to your food.

If really you're REALLY bold, try a few of the fiery vegetables like Junior! [pictured below]


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Costa Rica's New Immigration Law - A Quick English Overview Guide

Costa Rica’s new immigration law (nueva ley migratoria) was published in the official government publication La Gaceta on September 1, 2009 ... meaning the new "Ley General de Migración y Extranjería" will be the Costa Rica immigration law of the land starting March 1, 2010.

Costa Rica is a world-wide destination for vacationers, travelers, those seeking investment opportunities and for persons considering second homes, a place to relocate and/or retire.

Costa Rica is also desirable to many seeking better living conditions, improved work opportunities, asylum and/or refugee status from other countries.

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