Honduran president has been arrested

President Zelaya was arrested this moorning by members of the Honduran army and taken to a military base on the outside of Tegucigalpa.

Political crisis in Honduras

Political crisis in Honduras,  possible coup d'etat in progress.  

Any info. from Honduras residents?




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Travel IN Costa Rica on the Cheap - Kids Fly Free Summer Airfare Program

NatureAir Announces Kids Fly Free Summer Program

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, June 16 -- Today NatureAir, the world's first voluntary carbon neutral airline, announced that families in pursuit of a great summer deal are getting their wish with the airline's kids fly free summer savings program.

From June 15 through August 30, 2009 NatureAir is opening up its skies for children up to 11 years old to all destinations NatureAir flies IN Costa Rica with the purchase of two adult round trip tickets (all travel is within Costa Rica).


Well here in the valle a few years ago you couldn't step outside without stepping on a gringo. the tour buses were rolling in here every hour with a fresh batch of cash heavy gringo's that couldn't wait to hit the market and buy those wonderful hand crafts made by indian's, yes that's right, well half right. they are hand crafts but for many of them the only part the indian's played in hand crafting them is when they pulled the made in china sticker off the bottom of it.

then  the gringo's looked, smelled and then bought homes here. things were good for all here.

then the crack started, no not the smoking kind, the crack in the dollar.

over the next two years the gringos stopped coming, the buses were on other routes, hotels were empty and the indians cut back on their monthly order

shipped in a skid steer....

For those of you who might not know what a skid steer is, it's like a bob cat, a small tractor around 75 hp. with a dirt bucket, and you can add many other tools to the front end, such as a backhoe to a post hole digger.


I have always wanted one of these toys so after doing some research on them and watching all the post on ebay and other places I bought one.

The machine new cost around 38k I paid 21k. I tell you this because it comes into play later

I shipped it down here with sea board. along with 6 new spare tires. total cost was 21,100.00. the skid was 21k and the tires where 1,500.00 more but they had one bill of sale with it all on the same page so it looked like I paid 21,100 for all.


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Kids Can Write About Costa Rica and Get Published

Have your kids been to a Costa Rican Rain Forest? 

Even if they’ve only dreamed about it, kids from Kindergarten through 5th Grade are invited to submit original stories and artwork to the “I Love Costa Rica’s Rain Forest!” contest—based upon a real or imaginary travel adventure in the Costa Rican rainforest.


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The Luckiest Man (still) ALIVE in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica is dangerous.  Plain and simple. 

Otherwise sane and courteous people become self-absorbed road-rage maniacs once behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle here in the land of un-enforced traffic laws.

Drivers stop and block whole lanes of traffic to step inside a store for a loaf of bread.  Traffic control is a joke with drivers ignoring posted speed limits, disobeying traffic lights, stop signs, school zones, etc. etc.

The Best way to learn Spanish

Most of us lean Spanish or some other second language by sitting in class and reading books and memorizing. Companies like Rosetta Stone and others try to get you excited about the hands-on and adventurous opportunity that using a computer program provides. Rosetta Stone happens to be an excellent tool. The truth is, both of these methods are actually excellent ways to learn Spanish, but what is the best way to learn the language?

I started out struggling through French classes in middle school and high school and then Spanish in college. I never excelled in either. 

In 2003 I studied abroad in Costa Rica after taking only a couple of months of Spanish in the class room.

one day in the life panama. learn spanish lazy parrot.

I moved to panama about a year after my wife who is from colombia came and married me in the u.s. I had sent her to school to learn english while we waited the 8 months it took to get her visa to even come to the u.s. O yes 8 months, and paperwork and proof to back up everything. more forms then I ever want to see again.


The whole time I kept telling her learn english or you will be lost without it. she did learn it and speaks really well, but then the times changed in the u.s. or I should say I saw that the times were going to change, and started selling off everything and off we went to panama.


now the shoes on the other foot. I speak very little, O I can get by but not without a LOT of help. which makes me feel, well illiterate.

I have enough trouble with english. I do find it funny thou how my wife mixes things up from time to time.


Retirement in Costa Rica; New law for rentistas and pensioners

Discriminatory regulations may provide a boost to Nicaragua, Panama and Belize!

The current law regarding foreign retirees or pensioners moving to and living in Costa Rica is:

The retiree must show proof that their pension or passive monthly income streams from a "reputable" pension source are at least $600 U.S. Dollars a month. The 600 dollar a month minimum includes moving down with your spouse as well as any underage children. This law has been in place for around 38 years (since 1971).

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