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Costa Rica Ranks 7th in Most Politically Stable Countries - Worldwide

Those considering international locations to expand business, invest, buy vacation property, relocate or retire must always take into account the stability of the country.  As a United States citizen that has relocated to Costa Rica, I am arguably biased as to why I think this beautiful country is a great choice for business and relocation ... however, my opinions are admittedly based more on personal feelings than hard facts.


Last week a man wrote me and asked about what I thought about him starting a company here in panama. I said well I am no means a expert on it but I can tell you a little of what I have learned.

First don't think like a american when trying to do things here. what might work back in the states might not work here.

also it depends on what type of biz your looking to get into.

He said he wanted to buy some buses to help get people around town. well down here you have to remember that its all in who you know.  I told him he better think twice about that, to get a bus lic. is very hard and cost a lot of money, most all of it is tied up in the all boy's club. o they would welcome you with open arms, to be able to pull fist full of dollars out of your pocket but in the end you might not get approved.

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Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica (ICCCR)

What is an Intentional Community?
Information provided by Kelly N Patterson

There are thousands of intentional communities all over the world.  Costa Rica is the home to hundreds of intentional communities alone.

By definition, an intentional community is a planned, usually residential community designed, operated and maintained by a group. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision. Community members also share responsibilities and resources.

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Setting-Up a House in Costa Rica - Costs for Custom Made Furniture & Appliances


Furniture prices in Costa Rica are considered to be expensive due in part to the fact that a majority of basic (ie: inexpensive) furniture is imported and taxed at a hefty 30% by the government.  For this reason many people moving, relocating, retiring or setting-up second or vacation homes in Costa Rica simply decide to ship their entire households declaring the items as 'used'.  Others purchase or rent fully furnished homes or apartments that require no local furniture or appliance shopping. 

However, there are costs associated with any of these import or rental options that may exceed buying these same items manufactured here in-country.

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Four Consecutive Flights From San Jose, Costa Rica to Manila, Philippines

It took us four flights to return from San Jose to Manila (then another flight to our home in Dumaguete).   Here is our photo collage of the flights.

The first flight was no problem. first flight

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News Coverage on the U.S. Economy?! -The Daily Show re-caps 'experts'

If you have watched any news coverage on the U.S. economy, the following video is highly recommend as a great re-cap of how well the "experts"  have been advising their viewing audiences.

Below, The Daily Show offers an interesting overview on why none of us should feel we have things figured out - either in the financial markets or in life:


Hopefully this post has brought much needed attention to the root word in the often overused title of  "analyst"

¡Pura Economía!


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La Feria de la Costa Rica - See You at the Weekly Farmer's Market

Recognized for its natural beauty, the tourism Mecca of Central America used to be known principally as a producer of bananas and coffee.  Although Costa Rica has transitioned to an economy based more on tourism income and manufacturing exports ... agriculture still accounts for almost 9% of Costa Rica's gross national product (GDP).

Its tropical climate, rich soil and abundant rainfall still fills grocery shelves worldwide with Costa Rica coffee, bananas, sugar, pineapples, vegetables, fruits, melons, corn, rice, beans, potatoes, diary products, beef and ornamental plants.

Implications of Chinese Ownership of U.S. Stocks and Bonds

we were talking about china before and I read across this, worth a read

Costa Rica for Retirement "Getting the old out of the cold!"

Retiring to Costa Rica middle class retirees from the U.S. are once again looking into retirement in Costa Rica

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A trip to Barva, Heredia - Simposio Internacional de Esculturas

Today was a typical sunny and warm February 22 here in Costa Rica.

My son and I took a short drive to Barva, Heredia to meet with Peter & Milyn Christopher with their new baby Rosalinda - site owners of

Milyn, Rosalinda, Peter, Junior y Bill ... Barva, Heredia - Costa Rica
Milyn, Rosalinda, Peter, Junior y Bill ... Barva, Heredia - Costa Rica

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