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Rosalinda's Craving for Popsicles

Yesterday Rosalinda developed either the interest or the ability to reach for UFOs and try to eat them. At first I thought she was smart enough that she was recognizing popsicles as being particularly tasty, but then I realized that she was also fond of anything else.

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Costa Rica Debt Consolidation Home Mortgages - Now Available

Costa Rica has been touted as "a model economy for developing nations".  But Costa Rica is not an island and it most certainly is not insulated from the current world-wide economic downturn.  Just this week a consortium of Costa Rica economists have declared the country's economy to be in recession - this despite foreign owned companies continuing to establish or expand operations here in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica President Oscar Arias and his administration have taken several steps to stimulate the economy, including the release of $50 million each to state-owned Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) and Banco Nacional (BN) to promote lending.

Costa Rica's Banco Nacional is taking at least some of the money directly to the people in a concept that is relatively new to Central America:  Debt Consolidation Mortgages.

Seaside Mariana

Hi, I'm new to the forum which I came across when I was trying to get information on the Nicaraguan Real Estate Market.  I came across a stand for Seaside Mariana at a foreign property exhibition in London and I was very impressed with the developer and all that they had to offer.  At the time it didn't suit me but now I am considering investing.  There are some great deals but having read some of your contributions I'm not so sure now. 

Can anybody give me an opinion?  The package deals are so good and there will apparently  be a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course.

I would very much appreciate your opinion.



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Costa Rica Private Bilingual Education - New School Year Tuition and Costs Overview

Costa Rica has many private schools, most concentrated near the San José capital city - in the greater Central Valley area. 

The tuition, overall costs and programs offered by each school can vary greatly;  some only teach Spanish, some only teach English, "bilingual" schools can lean toward one language more than the other (as opposed to a true 50/50 curriculum), one school teaches only German, some schools are on the Costa Rica school schedule, some on the U.S. school schedule and a few are on what is known as the International school schedule.

My 10 year old son is enrolled in Amadita Primary School, located in Coronado, Costa Rica - a nice and affordable area East of downtown San José.

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Monkey Pulling The Turnip leads to Costa Rica

As the webmaster of Costa Rica Blogger [ya, I got that title going for me ;]], I have back-office programs that allow me to see real-time visitors, the visitor's location, how the visitor got to my site, what the viewer read on my site, etc., etc.


Reviewing the search terms people use that ultimately land them on Costa Rica Blogger can be informative as an author and site owner.  One of the more interesting web searches that resulted in a Costa Rica Blogger visitor came in today:

Yahoo! search:monkey pulling the turnip kama sutra


Closing the deal on the Pan Am Highway in Costa Rica

New press release 02/06/2009
By: Fabián Borges
Tico Times Staff

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Costa Rica Employment - Finding a Job in Costa Rica

With tourism being Costa Rica's largest industry, hundreds of thousands of visitors get a taste of this beautiful country.  Many of those that visit think about staying in Costa Rica on a more permanent basis.

A reoccurring question by mostly younger non-retirees considering Costa Rica extended stays or permanent relocations is; "What type of employment is available?" or "How do I find a job in Costa Rica?".  Unfortunately I don't have good news for those seeking a move to Costa Rica that involves finding a job.

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INBioparque - a GREAT Place to Visit while in San José, Costa Rica

My son and I took a short day trip to INBioparque in Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica.

INBioparque - Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica

INBioparque is an Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad de Costa Rica interactive theme park designed to teach visitors about Costa Rica's unique biological diversity. 

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Costa Rica Airfare Deals

Cost effective airfare deals to beautiful Costa Rica are currently available.

I just booked a 2009 Spring Break visit in April for my daughter at $260.42 ... round-trip between Orlando, Florida and San Jose, Costa Rica on jetBlue Airlines.

Additionally, flights from Chicago's O'Hare airport (ORD) to San Jose's Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica (SJO) for April, 2009  are available at $291.42 round-trip on Continental Airlines


AHH,  we all know how it feels, the smell, so clean and shiny!!! so many to pick from and so many things you can get on them..

not here...   yes they do have new cars but its not like it is in the states.

when I went to get a new suv, I went to the lot to look over a few and kick a tire or two and then I was ready to do battle with the sales guy on that price.  Yeah bring it baby, I know how this game works..

wrong.... first off I had to ask where's the cars?  They might have had 4 on the lot.  I said is this it? and your a dealer? yes sir, we have many to choose from,, where? that's when he opens the book so I can look at pretty photos of all the suv's they sell..

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