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Well today was really nice, the sun did come out for a while to say hello, before the clouds took over. Which reminds me of a story about two months back I had let a friend of mine use my camera which I always carry with me in the truck, and while coming home up the mountain I made a turn and just had to stop and pull over to look at this awesome cloud that was just sitting half way down the mountain, it looked as if the cloud said I'll rest here a bit before moving on. you could see the mountain above and below it. I thought wow what a shot, so I reached for my CAMERA.. o well at least I have the shot in my mind.


I met both of these people here in our little resort town in panama. They came here in april and spent two days looking over property. By that time they had already killed 5 people in bocas and I guess they were looking for more property to take over here. In those two days I spent around 10 hours with them at our local pub. I found him to be loud and needing to be the center of everything, which he was because most of us here are very open and friendly and when someone new comes around we all want to get to know about their lives. It's funny because you think this world is so huge and we are all so far away from our place of birth, but I have met three people here that lived in my home town, one of those lived no more then 20 miles from me.

what caused the waves last week in panama?

So me and the wife are planning on opening up a new BBQ restaurant down on the main highway, because I love bbq and they have no clue how to do it here.. so at least if no one comes I'll gain a few pounds..


anyway speaking to a friend of mine I asked if he knew anyone who had some equipment for sale and he did. so down to a really nice beach side bar to meet woody the owner of woody's bar... how cool the name... anyway I bought a piece from him and afterwards we sat and talked and he kept twisting my arm to have another drink with him.  the sob.. anyway I liked him a lot and we talked for a hour or so.


I don't know if I wrote about this before but I have been trying to put in a block company on my land here. I bought this property because it is zoned for commerical use.  well this property has been untouched for 70 years, by that I mean a home is on it and the gounds are neat and cut like a golf course for that long, but no commerical building has ever been on it.  well the lady across the street from me didn't like the idea that I was buidling something on this land, that along with the fact she doesn't like gringos.  

I was getting things rolling really good, then she had the mayor of the town that is over us, which she is having a affair with,  come and order me to stop.. well lawyers were called and back and forth in the end, the mayor's  term was up and a new one, which this one she wasn't having a affair with, yet....  takes over.  




wow nothing is easy around me... my wife was getting close to the due date, so I asked if her two aunts who live down the road would come and move in with us so when the time came, one could go with us and the other could stay with our three year old.  well that night both of the aunts worked late and went home telling me they would both be here first thing  in the a.m to wait it out..


Health Care in Panama

Well I would like to share a few of my run ins with the health care system here. First my mom... 64 years young. she was walking down the street and holding my 2 year old daughter when she mis stepped and fell face first, she tossed my little one to keep from falling on her and not being trained at the fine art of falling on your face without hurting yourself, like most of us guys are, she busted her nose and her glasses cut a deep wound on it as well.  My mom bleeding pretty heavy was not worried about herself but if my daughter was ok.  my wife told her over and over she is fine, your the one that needs help right now.

One quick point here, the people here will go out of there way to help you. my mother, wife and daughter were standing by the side of the road and one of our local truck drivers saw what had happen and pulled over and helped load them into his truck and off they went to the local doctor.

Tired, just plain tired.....

Yep. I'm 47 years old, smoke far to dang much, trying to stop. want to be around to see my two girls grow up and get them on the right path. I watched as a father handed his daughter to her new husband the other day made a tear come to my eye.. 

My whole life changed the day my daughter was born, for the first time I know the real meaning of the word love. nothing compares to when she grabs my neck and squeezes as hard as her three year old arms can and says I love you so much.  The other day at the zoo a chicken which she was feeding corn too, pecked her little finger, she yelled out and jumped back. That night when I put her to bed, she said daddy do you remember when that chicken ate my finger??   yes my love yes..

It's funny to me for them to have chickens in pens as part of a zoo. that's just to common really.


Well here in the valle a few years ago you couldn't step outside without stepping on a gringo. the tour buses were rolling in here every hour with a fresh batch of cash heavy gringo's that couldn't wait to hit the market and buy those wonderful hand crafts made by indian's, yes that's right, well half right. they are hand crafts but for many of them the only part the indian's played in hand crafting them is when they pulled the made in china sticker off the bottom of it.

then  the gringo's looked, smelled and then bought homes here. things were good for all here.

then the crack started, no not the smoking kind, the crack in the dollar.

over the next two years the gringos stopped coming, the buses were on other routes, hotels were empty and the indians cut back on their monthly order

shipped in a skid steer....

For those of you who might not know what a skid steer is, it's like a bob cat, a small tractor around 75 hp. with a dirt bucket, and you can add many other tools to the front end, such as a backhoe to a post hole digger.


I have always wanted one of these toys so after doing some research on them and watching all the post on ebay and other places I bought one.

The machine new cost around 38k I paid 21k. I tell you this because it comes into play later

I shipped it down here with sea board. along with 6 new spare tires. total cost was 21,100.00. the skid was 21k and the tires where 1,500.00 more but they had one bill of sale with it all on the same page so it looked like I paid 21,100 for all.


one day in the life panama. learn spanish lazy parrot.

I moved to panama about a year after my wife who is from colombia came and married me in the u.s. I had sent her to school to learn english while we waited the 8 months it took to get her visa to even come to the u.s. O yes 8 months, and paperwork and proof to back up everything. more forms then I ever want to see again.


The whole time I kept telling her learn english or you will be lost without it. she did learn it and speaks really well, but then the times changed in the u.s. or I should say I saw that the times were going to change, and started selling off everything and off we went to panama.


now the shoes on the other foot. I speak very little, O I can get by but not without a LOT of help. which makes me feel, well illiterate.

I have enough trouble with english. I do find it funny thou how my wife mixes things up from time to time.


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