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Last week a man wrote me and asked about what I thought about him starting a company here in panama. I said well I am no means a expert on it but I can tell you a little of what I have learned.

First don't think like a american when trying to do things here. what might work back in the states might not work here.

also it depends on what type of biz your looking to get into.

He said he wanted to buy some buses to help get people around town. well down here you have to remember that its all in who you know.  I told him he better think twice about that, to get a bus lic. is very hard and cost a lot of money, most all of it is tied up in the all boy's club. o they would welcome you with open arms, to be able to pull fist full of dollars out of your pocket but in the end you might not get approved.

Implications of Chinese Ownership of U.S. Stocks and Bonds

we were talking about china before and I read across this, worth a read  http://www.rense.com/general85/give.htm


AHH,  we all know how it feels, the smell, so clean and shiny!!! so many to pick from and so many things you can get on them..

not here...   yes they do have new cars but its not like it is in the states.

when I went to get a new suv, I went to the lot to look over a few and kick a tire or two and then I was ready to do battle with the sales guy on that price.  Yeah bring it baby, I know how this game works..

wrong.... first off I had to ask where's the cars?  They might have had 4 on the lot.  I said is this it? and your a dealer? yes sir, we have many to choose from,, where? that's when he opens the book so I can look at pretty photos of all the suv's they sell..

ahh the FAT GRINGO

Yep thats me, the fat gringo. of course bald I am not. hair down past the mid point of my back.

let me share with you what I have learned here about food. food from the states and food here.

when I lived in the u.s. about three years ago, I was huge, size 42 pants. I could tear a buffet up. The little chinese woman would come out and yell, you go now!! you been here four hours!!!

I could eat four times a day and then snack. and eat a lot of food each time. wendy's and mickey d's, taco bell you name it.

when I moved here the fast food places were in the city, so I ate whatever my wife cooked. rice, beans, fish, chicken, meat ect.

now over this three year time frame, I never tried to lose any weight at all, but I found that I was eating far less food and far fewer meals. now I eat once a day and I am full.

visa and paperwork

someone wrote that panama was changing and wanting more income to move here. wrong on that point as well. they did change some laws about it, but it was dealing with fines you pay for overstaying your visa, and putting a two month limit on them to get your paperwork done. if they don't have a yes or no for you within those two months, you are approved.

there are a few types of visa's you can get to live here full time. one is to show proof of income 500 per month and if your married then its 600.00. this must be in the form of s.s. or a retirement check. something that is going to keep coming in each month, not income off of say a rental property you have or a property you sold and are getting payments off of.

they also have a visa where you can put so much money in a bank account in a c.d note. I think that is around 200k.

travel with pets to panama

PETS  Yes those wonderful members of the family.  ok heres the deal to bring them with you to panama. first the vet must give them a clean bill of health. not just any vet can do this, it must be a vet that is listed with the U.S.D.A.  As soon as that vet signs the forms, the clock is ticking. you have 15 days to be here in panama with those forms.  sounds like plenty of time doesn't it?  well not really.  after your vet signs off on everything, you need to make copies of it just for your records. then you must mail it to your  usda office, for them to look over and then stamp. I can't remember what they charged me to do that. then they send it back to you.. then you must mail it all to panama's embassy IN THE U.S. for them to stamp, again another fee, I am thinking 10.00 dollars or so for every stamp. then they must mail it back to you. I used fed ex and pre paid for them to fed ex it back.

who I used for shipping, and you want a lexus

I want my Lexus RIGHT NOW....Life is too short.

Are you a developer/realtor???

You write welll....


thanks, I really don't write all that well at all, I spell really bad, and sometimes my mind throws words out there and my hands type what they want too. but thanks. I am just a country boy at heart, that grew up in the city, then back to the country. I believe in being fair and true with people. help when you can, and try to make things better then worse.  I write only to help people or to make people think about things here that they might not have thought of.  I was full of dreams of islands and sunsets as well.

many things here I don't like, but the good far out weights the bad for me.  so you want a lexus? well get out there and get you one, time is short.. live it up while you can!!!


what area has what


This is a link to a map I will use to point out a few things.

start at the darrien gap.. this area is not safe. few very roads, power water ect. the colombian F.R.A.C run into this area to rest and refuel from fighting with the colombian army, they take what they want, and few police are ready to fight with them, after all they do have army type weapons and the police here are outnumbered and out gunned.

on the caribbean side from darrien to almost colon, all this area belongs to kuna tribe and its not for sale.

colon has some pretty areas, but it also has a little more crime, due to the free zone. a new highway is being build as I write this.

from there to bocas, few roads to take you to that coast.

selling stuff

its not hard to sell stuff here?, what you are talking about is a gringo that has to leave the country soon and is making sure that his truck will be sold before he has to go and just leave it.

I wanted to post a few things about me, so people who read the things I post can understand where I am coming from.


C.R.  the crime rate in c.r. is out the roof and will get worse. many of their beaches are so nasty that just swimming in it will make you sick.   the crime rate has also started to take its toll on tourist that are going to other places, this is killing their cash flow to the hundreds if not thousands of people who work in that field.  add that with the u.s. slow down it really is hurting them.

so in turn that person is out stealing instead of working to be able to live.

If your thinking of moving there and buying something. think of this, c.r. really doesn't have a base for income, outside of tourist. They have no oil or any other huge large source of income to help the government run the country.  without tourist bring in millions of dollars per year, where do you think these people are going to start looking for the money to make up for that loss?

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