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buying real estate. shipping

wow so your ready to move from the states, down to that little piece of heaven that has been in the back of your mind everytime you see the ocean waves on t.v.  you have worked hard for that goal and now your ready to make the leap..

first you must understand that most people down here are not your friends, they are looking to cash in on you. even some of the real estate people will do some back door dealings to cut more of your money from you. if a gringo is trying to buy property, you can better bet that price just went up. I find a lot of things here in panama don't even have a price on it, they charge by who you are.

crime in costa rica and panama

well we all know crime is a factor when we travel,  you bring some spending money for that special gift for a loved one back home, or you see something you want to remind you of your time here.  It's not much maybe 50.00 to 100.00 dollars, and of course you have your camera to take a few shots. that's another 200.00 plus maybe a watch 25.00 to 100.00, how about those nike shoes at 150.00, maybe even that cool back pack you just had to rush out and buy just for this trip, what that set you back another 100.00.  so lets say you have maybe 600.00 worth of stuff on you..

now 600.00 isn't  much to most of us. but to them, thats about equal to 4 months of working.  In some places if they don't rob you for more then 500.00 its not really even looked at like a crime.

Now we all understand being robbed by a street person, but being robbed by the police really rubs salt in the wounds. And that does happen more times then you think.

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