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BAC San Jose

I need to vent out loud, long and hard!
I am a native U S Citizen, [from the South Eastern U. S.] I wish to remain anonymous for now.
This vent is in reference to BAC San Jose. In 2008 I worked and was paid as a private contractor for Berlitz, which setup and open an account under my name and my passport number for payroll deposits.

Subsequently after no longer working for Berlitz in early 2009 I discontinued using the account therefore the account became inactive with a small balance remaining! During the second week in October 2010 I went to the BAC San Jose, Playa de Coco location attempting to open a new account and have the old balance transferred into the new account. The staff took and made copies of my Passport and my ‘American Social Security Administration’ Benefit Statement which contained watermarking, the www address and a bar code.

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