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I know your post is 2yrs

I know your post is 2yrs old... but I had to tell you I'm a blond haired blue eyed white devil and I left the United States to live and die in Nicaragua... Along with me came my wife 2yr old baby and my parents followed behind me.... WHY? I'm free in Nicaragua.... the united states you are not free.... I like it when a cop in Managua pulls me over and I have the option to throw him a 5 instead of the 30 dollar ticket. I like steeling electricity like my Nica neighbors, I like it when i beat the shit out of someone at the bar and the neighborhood gets excited. I like walking around with 5 dollars in my pocket feeling like I got the world by the balls. I like the Tona and I love the Flor De Cana. I love the hard working Nica but I cant stomach the rich soft spoiled Nica especially their spoiled children. I like going to a cock fight on saturday night with the family. I like the fact that I can "donate" 20 bucks a month to the police department and they dont fuck with me when i drive around drunk without a helmet on my dirt bike. I know they hate my Gringo ass but the feeling is mutual... and the rleationship works for me. I could just keep going.. some call it corruption others call it freedom... One thing i can agree with you is...... work with the community.... i live off of cordobas not dollars.......... who wants to live in the usa where everything is 100 dollars ..... traffic ticket... light bill... phone bill....medical bill.... insurance insurance bill.... home insurance bill.. its the same shit in the us just controlled but everyone is putting their hands in your pockets... only in Nica you can do someting about that... Te quiero amigo Pura Vida. y a la verga con ee uu ....


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