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the "police"

The "police" weren't Police. They were impersonators. And you never went to the real police station to do your part in combating should have reported it immediately. Nicas all around you did the right thing. The doorman got the license plate number. The "radio man" was shocked because this was really a new phenomenon to him, and he did his part. But you left the country...without reporting the crime. And now you want to complain about Managua and Nicaragua...

So, you knew beforehand that the TicaBus area is known to be unsafe and the area around the Irish bar is unsafe, but you walked alone there at night.....? Hmmmm......TAKE A TAXI, OK?  That's what we do here. It's a fact of life. The average Nica would not do what you did. Why expect better odds than they do?

I have lived in Managua for 2.5 months now and have not had any such bad experiences. BUT I would never behave as you did for the simple reason that the history is there to warn you that you raise your chances of experiencing this type of thing when you go against common sense and the warnings of those who have been there before you. The information is there. Use it!

In my job I meet a lot of travelers, Nica and gringo. I know personally of only 2 incidents of robbery in these 2.5 months. In both cases, the victim did things they were told not to do, for safety reasons. Apparently there are always those who think the rules of the game don't apply to them.


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