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What's your experience level in Central America?


Welcome to the forum.  What is your experience level in Central America?  Will you be traveling alone?  How much is a camera like that worth, and how big is it?  Do you speak Spanish?  To give you a good answer for your particular situation, we'd need to know that information.

I consider myself quite savvy about Central America, and to have good Spanish knowledge.  In the last 7 months in Costa Rica, neither my wife nor I have had a problem - except for one near-loss when we almost lost a $400 LCD monitor in the Costa Rica bus robbery scam.  Every country is different, and the parts of the country are different.  While you can leave yard tools in the yard in many parts of Costa Rica, that's impossible in Nicaragua.  While in Grecia many homes don't have bars, twenty miles away every home has bars.  Overall in Nicaragua, I'd say you are more likely to have something stolen from you by a "friend" or neighbor than in Costa Rica, while in Costa Rica you are probably more likely to have something stolen by a complete stranger.  One of the hardest things is to try to adjust to the varying contexts while traveling.  Whatever you do, don't fall asleep on a bus going to San Jose.

Central America is a beautiful place - gorgeous beaches, mountains, so many wonderful people, great fruits, perfect climate - err on the side of caution if this is your first time especially near the capitol cities: do not take a taxi alone in Managua; if you EVER feel uncomfortable anywhere, immediately find the quickest safe place to take a breather and think it through; do NOT spend time outside at night; and Never do drugs or drink more than one drink in a sitting anywhere, period.



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