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yeah... whatever?

i've been backpacking off and on for over 15 years throughout europe, asia, central and south america and have never had any harm come to me whatsoever... and you know why? i take the time to study the country before i travel there... i learn their history, traditions and politics... i learn the basics of their language and especially the pleasantries... you know - words like... please... thank you... excuse me... you're welcome... and most of all i treat each person there with the upmost respect and dignity they deserve as a fellow human being. i am continually annoyed by the "ugly american syndrome" that occurs frequently in third-world countries around the world... it's truly pathetic. on more than one occasion i have walked up to an obnoxious gringo on the street or in a restaurant, or where ever and told them to "put a plug in it... you are blowing it for the rest of us!" they think they are funny or are being cute for their girlfriend or for whatever reason and they are being jerks to a local who they think they are above because they have more money in their bank account!  bottom line... the lower they appear in the pecking order of life... the more respect i show them! this is noticed by those around you my fellow travelers... trust me. i always always buy candies when i enter a new city and give the candies to the children and buy food for a select few children who are particularly malnurished... do this and you'll be amazed how doors open for you and how well you'll be treated. i have returned several times to nicaragua because i have unofficially adopted three children who were sleeping under a hammock with their grand-mother because both their mother and father are dead. they now have a very small one-room home i helped build with the help of the locals and they have told me they love me very much and this means more to me than all the fun money can buy... you know folks... i can backpack all around this area and people know me... i have absolutely no fear because i took the time to help others... i am not saying each of you should go and help others... but just understand you fear stems from your concern for your "possessions" more than in showing concern for starving people all around you... this defies common human decency… so fear naturally grows inside your soul because you know you should do something to help… but you don’t because your desire for fun far outweighs this tiny voice in your head that desires to help these poor people. here’s the bottom line… the 99 out of 100 people who get their skulls cracked open in nicaragua... were earlier that day out being obnoxious/disrespectful to someone somewhere... and eventually they get caught up with by "the universe" or what some call "karma"... be aware that you are constantly being watched and observed... treat everyone with respect and be humble and you'll be fine... God will show you the way. but hang around bars, get drunk and chase loose women… then come back and cry to us your sad stories of how you were victims south of the border... yeah whatever? if you do the same thing in boston, new york or miami you'll get your head bashed in there too. on this blog - it's not nicaraguan's you should be scared of... you should be afraid of yourselves .



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