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Hi! Good Points

Hi Sojourner and Zelaya!  Nice to have you here.  Great points.  Sometimes it's difficult to understand the nuances of what someone is saying on the internet - we can make assumptions trying to place a few statements by someone into a context of our own experience, instead of theirs, and they might not make as much sense.

One thing I think we all agree on is that you're most likely to have problems if people feel resentment towards you.  We probably also agree that people who have lived in the U.S. are often more drawn to open expression and not as aware of nuances of personal relations, as people who have lived in Nicaragua most of their lives, and that this can be a focal point of resentment (though we might not agree whether it is a cause).  But let me tell you that once I understood Nicaraguan Spanish and culture, I realized that Nicaraguans were sometimes also spontaneously obnoctious to Americans (or anyone else) who had done them no wrong.  As noted below, Nicaragua is a macho culture, and insulting one another is part of how men dominate each other, and watching that is part of how women determine whom they desire.

Are Americans evil, and Nicaraguans noble savages?  Or are Americans saviors and Nicaraguans heathens?  We'd probably even agree that it's somewhere inbetween.

What else can either of you tell us about your experiences in Nicaragua?  How long have you each stayed in Nicaragua in a given trip?  Have you tried to do business at all?


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