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Very Well Said...

That was an excellent point you made regarding the basic fundamentals of human respect, Mr. Greenberg and I do wholeheartedly agree with your points.  Let me reiterate by saying that while I as a Nicaraguan ( more American than Nicaraguan, and most of my Latin American brothers from any nation South of the border would attest to and actually never allow me to forget it ) I have to agree with your ideas about fundamental human respect et al, but you have forgotten one very interesting puzzle to the point I was trying to make... you are a WHITE AMERICAN, I assume, while I am an AMERICANIZED NICARAGUAN MESTIZO FROM THE UPPER CLASS HAVING FLED NICARAGUA DURING THE MIDST OF THE SANDINISTA REVOLUTION IN 1979.  My parents were exiled and so effectively was  85% of my family, half of which fled to the United States, others to Guatemala, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, various other Latin American countries...  and I did go back and lived off and on for various years during my teen years.  Tell me Mr. Greenberg, just for clarification how long have you lived in Nicaragua?  It seems to me that while your intellectual and rational thinking abilities about how to deal with people on a decent human level deserve merit and consideration and especially praise to how you able to carry on an effective argument about how you see things from your American prism regarding Nicaragua as a pristine, idyllic and utopian paradise it is still a rather naive and blase view of a culture you absolutely know very little about.  While it may certainly be true that you know how to speak Nicaraguan Spanish, are you implying then that now you are just an American Nicaraguan?  Would you pack up your family, your kids, all your relatives and everybody else who has absolutely any blood relationship to you and all move down to Central America, fleeing the Black Socialist Orwellian nightmare America is becoming under the Schwarzenfuhrer Barack Hussein Obama and trade him in for a Mestizo strongman like Daniel Ortega Saavedra and his Satanic shaman witch wife Rosario Murillo?  How about trying to do business in Nicaragua, with PLC fat cats and Sandinista ruffians each trying to get a piece or whatever business interests you are trying to establish legimately, as it should be, like any decent American in America would and should but absolutely has no chance of being done in a fair and decent business-like way in Nicaragua?  No, Nicaragua is not a country where you can conduct business fairly and properly, be it that you are American or Nicaraguan.  Someone IS JUST GOING TO GET UP AND TAKE WHATEVER YOU OWN AWAY FROM YOU, IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT AND I AM VERY SORRY TO INFORM YOU OF THAT.  I read your post about how your were trying to buy a piece of land fairly and legitimately and how first that PLC asshole and then that Sandinista piece of of shit were pulling you in opposite directions trying to bleed you dry of any penny you have got... well, that's Nicaragua in a nutshell.  It is controlled by one big giant, for lack of a better word, Political Action Commitee Machine, if such a giant bastard monstrosity of a failed government could exist.  It's like a mafia, government, and giant Marxist-socialist soul-crushing apparatus rolled into one, crushing anyone in it's path.  If you're a member of the PLC and have enough dinero, political clout, political connections, family ties, relatives, " pull " as Nicaraguans euphemistically call it in their comically absurd slurring of the English word that means exactly the same thing, then you can get away with most anything.  And what about the Sandinistas, the darling, human-loving, pueblo-empowering sons of the legacy of Augusto Cesar Sandino ( who incidentally has been rolling over in his grave since the mid 1960's when good old Daniel, Humberto, Camilo and the rest of those idiots started using his name for their pet revoltinglution ) ?  Well, as an American you won't get away with ANYTHING there, not one thing.  You have to be Russian or Iranian or Korean or Vietnamese or Chinese or Swedish or any of the other half a dozen nationalities who idealogically think like the the Sandinistas do to work with them, but being an American trying to run a LEGITIMATE BUSINESS in Nicaragua?  PLEASE! 

To answer your question, I HAVEN'T tried to run a business in Nicaragua YET, but I have had plans of doing so for a great while.  I have enough startup capital squirreled away to get something done, but if you really want to get something done in Nicaragua don't think like an American thinks and starts to put up eco-tours or sex tours or brothel ownerships or hostels or hotels or other expatriate shit like all those other lunatics do, actually take the time to talk to the locals, the NICARAGUAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES, and see what they think would work and how it would benefit everybody, not just American wallets.  To often people who are in a superior position from any country they are, whether it be in a political, economic or social position of superiority look down on those they can exploit, even it is unintentional on their part and through no fault of their own see the world through their eyes only.  These are the same kind of people who could go to any foreign country in the world and only visit the areas where people from their part of their world visit, eat at the same spots people who look, think, act, and speak like them usually do, and generally keep to themselves as it is was intended naturally, according to Social Dawinism.  " Birds of a feather flock together ", right?  It is true but that theory is being put to the test every day in this increasingly more constricted, racially uneasy, ethnically diverse multicultural diaspora that is the 21st century planet we call Earth.  Now many people have nowhere where they can actually call home, do they?  I may have been born in Nicaragua but I have lived in the United States of America my entire life.  I have lived in Nicaragua 4 months out of every year for the past 16 years, but am I really Nicaraguan, when the locals make fun of my Americanized accent, size me up and down and sneer at me because I wear better shoes, better shirts, have things they wish they had but will never possess because they didn't have the fortune of immigrating to the United States at a very young age like I did?  The last time I was there one of my cousins kept referring to the United States as " my country ", she would say to me " ... so is everybody IN YOUR COUNTRY wealthy, do they have all the things you do? " My country?!  When I was in my teenage years America was more my country than it has ever been since, I voted Republican in every election since Clinton-Dole in 1996 and now that that wimpy Mr. Magoo " Big " John McCain threw in the towel to the tall Black Avenging Disco Godfather Barack Hussein Obama how is ever going to be my country AGAIN?  Mr. Greenberg ( Peter if I may ) I have to honestly say to you that my position is strictly from a position of extreme frustration and I am completely flabberghasted at the position I AM IN TODAY.  There is NOWHERE for us to turn anymore.  Perhaps you enjoy living in Nicaragua today because the Sandinistas haven't gone after your land yet, your bank account, your livestock, your businesses, none of the things that you have down there that would be harder to obtain up here, but UP HERE IN THE STATES SOONER OR LATER the government will crack down on everybody.  Just the other didn't the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner start talking about how the G-20 nations were going to funnel $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in GOLD to developing countries because it was time that the rich nations started doling out their wealth to the less fortunate?  It's all one big giant geo-political mess now and Nicaragua is one of the battlegrounds in a future scenario that had it's beginnings during the Cold War, then the Reagan Era with the Iran-Contra affair and the eventual collapse and subsequent reemergence of the Soviet Union, etc, etc.  Nicaragua is another one of those countries like Russia, mainland China, Cuba, Vietnam, Angola, El Salvador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc, etc, where you had a country that once had a great deal of prosperity, was once A REAL PARADISE back when it was something to really write home about before all of the hippies and free-love faggots of 1960's started protesting about the Military-Industrial Complex and how Eisenhower and Nixon were racists and this bullshit and that drivel... maybe it's just me but DO YOU ACTUALLY LIKE LIVING DOWN THERE?  Honestly I'm just trying to sound the warning bells:  get off the ship as fast as you can, it's going to go down eventually and I'm sorry you just can't see it, you can only see what is in front of your eyes but you brain hasn't registered it yet, and you haven't taken a look around you entirely yet. :)


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