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Actually Peter I acidentally

Actually Peter I accidentally mixed your name up with a travel guru who bears a name similar to yours, a "tonteria " on my part.  I don't really know what else to say today, it's been a slow week... what  is actually going on these days in Managua?  Is everything pretty calm down there right now cos I swear when I turn on state-run radio here in the States it makes my skin crawl with all the rhetoric and all that's going on there.  How are the Americans and Canadians getting along down there?  You seem to have immersed yourself fully in Nicaraguan and Central American culture in general... anything that could be of potential unrest there?  No Chavez-edifying or kissing up to Ahdaminajad?  That's always what seems to be going on.  Do they still have a guard on every street corner with an AK-47 and a walkie talkie?  A net camera in every cybercafe?  Protests and manifestations?  I'm going to go access the newpapers right now and get a general feel of the actual mood down there but what is your opinion on how things are?


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