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I'm currently debating a Nicaragua trip

I'm currently debating whether or not I should go this year to Nicaragua... it's the third anniversary of my Grandmother's death and I should go but my brother is getting married in June and everybody has to go his wedding and I won't have any of my relatives in the U.S. or Nicaragua down there so I'll probably end up going in late July or early August.  As you know the rhetoric can really whip up the people into a frenzy and I'm sure you saw little Daniel on T.V. the other day blasting the U.S. about it's failed Latin American policies of the last 50 years, right in front of our newly elected Fearless Leader President Obama...  When I WAS there last year it looked more and more like the police state that everybody imagines any dictatorial, despotic Marxo-Leninist-Socialist regime to look like and I have to you that I wanted to leave 2 days after I got there.  To make a long story short we stayed for 2 weeks and it was very harrowing and and a very skin-crawling type of ordeal, and I'm not talking about the sancudos.  Most of the travel reports I've seen about Nicaragua are very old at, least 2 years and the like but I definitely will be back by at least October of this year so I'll have something to share for all the traveleers here who want to experience what Nicaragua is like.  I just wish everybody here wouldn't have to see the Nicaragua I saw last year, it's a hellish experience.  The Nicaragua of the PLC era and The vaunted Somoza era ( which I didn't live through ) is what I have seen and what I have heard of the most, and I have to say the PLC did try some things to give the coutnry a fresh coat of paint, but do you want to know what the essence of Socialism/ Communism REALLY is, Peter?  It's not how much they want to give you...  IT'S HOW MUCH THEY TAKE AWAY FROM YOU AND GIVE IT SOMEONE ELSE WHO NEVER HAD A RIGHT TO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE THEY NEVER EARNED IT.

    Communism is just envy of the educated, affluent elite.  You just replace the weak oligharchists with a poorer, less-educated and more repressive class of oligharchists.



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