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welcome & Nicaraguan contexts

Hi, and welcome to the board.  You're welcome to post anonymously (I just enabled anonymous posting on the site) - but anonymous posts do take some time to appear because they have to be manually approved [otherwise all we would read about would be viagra, as spam is so prevalent]. You are also welcome to register and then your comments and posts will appear immediately.

With regards to the one point on which we appear to disagree, I am specifically talking about doing business profitably in Nicaragua.  It might be possible to simply rent a house there and not engage in dishonest business practices (by US/Western European standards).  It also might be possible to engage in in business in the U.S. with Nicaraguans who live in the U.S. and make a profit honestly.  It might even be possible to have friendships with Nicaraguans in Nicaragua without being dishonest or having them be dishonest.  I'm specifically not talking about those possibilities.  I'm specifically talking about doing business profitably (to make money) in Nicaragua itself.  

Are you disagreeing with me about that?  I don't aim to make a statement about the character of Nicaraguan honesty in general.

Thanks for providing the link.  I read through it, interesting - but I'm not sure if it's actually the link you intended to share: it appears to be on an entirely different topic, namely the formalization of the rapid-service payments by the banks, who were formerly paying through the teeth to their lawyers to indirectly get the rapid-service (no doubt charging a liberal commission themselves!)


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