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Not too many 'green properties' so do it yourself one day.

You are dreaming friend, properties in most of Central America a sold as is, there are a few 'green hotels' and such operating in Costa Rica, several years ago I stayed with a group while volunteering at orphanage in Nicaragua, the entire place was solar powered, but built by German missiionaries, I reside 24 years in Central America, volunteer in development of rural ectourism, fair trade for artisans, etc. and I have elaborated a primer for first time visitors to Central America, since I live on a fixed income, I rent a small apartment, own no land, sold my vehicle a few years ago for peace of mind, so I am probably the only 60+ gringo living in El Salvador that takes public transportation, all the locals and ex pats drive around in a/c SUVs with windows rolled up, all the time so what, never have been 'mugged' here, I am a New Yorker, survived Nam and the conflicts in Central America in 1980s, so invite you to visit me anytime, if you are heading for El Salvador and Guatemala, and anyone else. This forum is different from other Central American ex pat forums in that here people tell you what they think, not what they think you want to hear, As for yourself, someday can buy a small property and put in solar or wind power yourself, price of gas and diesel and food going through the roof in Central America as well, my Uncle a German/Polsh-Guatemalan was an agronomist, I still remember the days in 1970s when all of C.A. was lush and green. saludos y aprenderle espanol! Elsalwizard. message me anytime.


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