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Vegan in Costa Rica

I have lived in Costa Rica for almost 6 years.  I find that being vegan is very easy, living on the Caribbean coast.  There are many, many options for me here.  I have also found a few wonderful places to eat in the San Jose area.  It is easier to eat vegan here than many other places I have spent time.  

My favorites in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon Province include:

Peace & Love, Bread & Chocolate, Casa del Pan, EZ-Times, Jammin', Chili Rojo, Cafe Viejo, Lydia's Place, Veronica's, Jungle & Reef, Miss Holly's.

My favorites in the San Jose area include:

 The Taj Mahal, Escazu; Bagleman's; Tutti Li, Escazu; Tin Jo, downtown; Mami's, Heredia


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