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This is what our Nicaraguan friends have said

That they have many family members who were once supporters of the Sandinistas. That they voted Daniel Ortega in. That each one of them hates Daniel Ortega and his agrarian reformists policies now, because they each have family members who had their property taken for agrarian reform. One tells of his father's property being divided in half and taken. Another tells of his uncle's farm completely being taken. They don't dare voice that too loud because there are collaborators that will tell the local Sandinista cadre. That there are collaborators like Phil Hughes all over Nicaragua, who report to the Sandinistas and get special privileges for that. And that the collaborators are held under the Sandinista thumb for return favors for this (hence his lunatic socialist rantings sometimes on his web site).

Now, I am not an expert on Nicaraguan real estate, so I'll make that clear....but I would never purchase property in a place where the citizens have lost their own property, knowing as a resident my holdings would be more suspect. And knowing that many Americans have hiked the prices to ridiculous levels for what you get in some areas there? HELL NO!

And by the way, I support the idea of agrarian reform, when its done to nationalize businesses exploiting the citizens of a country; and even still, I wouldn't want to place my marbles in that basket, just in case. And how sad that Nicaragua followed Cuba's model in taking its own citizen's land for agrarian reform, instead of taking the land of foreigners exploiting the country. Shame on them for that!

And by the way, I happen to like Peter. I think he's ten times more honest than the yuks on the other web sites, and I'm sure that is why he was run off. In short, the information you get there is self promotional, and they don't like the truth interrupting their business ventures. And no! I'm not a real estate professional. I'm a women who listens to what others say, evaluates it, and does what is best for her own interests. And since I am friends with these folks, I know they had no motivation to tell me about their families losing land to Ortega...especially, when they are socialists who believe in the doctrine, not rabid right wingers.

There are MUCH better places to purchase real estate...places where civilization will compliment your investment. Inside Central America and south of it! Uruguay is looking VERY good right now and has much more to offer tourists than Nicaragua, including most of the things Americans have grown to expect.


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