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Jorge Giraldez

Google Jorge Giraldez who has been around for years making false claims, intimidating those who do not agree with him, his "office" in Managua is behind a gas station and he puts on a good front. He resides in Miami USA and has scammed relief workes, sold supplies intended for disaster relief. He strikes out in anger, like any con artit, if accused of any wrongdoing and of course the exprt scammer winds up making the victim or victims feel guilty. Avoid him. If looking to relocate travel to Nicaragua, make contacts with those who have resided some time in Nicaragua, and if planning to relocate at least rent for a while. [--- links deleted, please feel free to sign up to the website and create a new page with resources you find helpful about Nicaragua and we can include all of them, but it was too long a list for this context-- ] ANYONE IS ABLE TO PUT ANYTHING THEY WANT ABOUT THEMSELVES ON THE INTERNET, IF ANYONE HAS TO CONSTANTLY DEFEND THEMSELVES AND TELL YOU HOW "HONEST" THEY ARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM. JORGE GIRALDEZ BERNARD IS BAD NEWS, DO BUSINESS WITH HIM AT YOUR OWN RISK, LET ME KNOW VIA THIS THREAD. Saludos.


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