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Hi All, Land has been taken

Hi All,

Land has been taken by governments in Mexico, Costa Rica (To a huge extent!) and many central and south american countries in the past. - Nicaragua to of course as well.

We also get a lot of very stupid people coming to nicaragua who buy property of a family they meet, dont speak spanish, dont bother getting a lawyer, and just seem to trust someone they've known for a week enough to hand over money for some land - i personally think this is crazy and i wouldn't do it in the states like that, but they seem to think it is ok here???? and then they write about it in blogs and give bad press - people who have had normal or positive experiences as you would expect by doing things properly rarely bother to write about it! ha ha

there are a lot of checks which need to be carried out which if done properly, ensure the safetly of land ownership here - like a form stating that the property is free of any liens, a survey to make sure the land borders match what is held in the central registry so there is no confusion with who owns what, and a carta de no objections - this is most important and states that the property is able to to be sold and no one i the governemt ahs any objections or rights to it - it is ilegal to sell property now with out this but it still gets done like this if a transaction is not done correctly.

I will always use a real estate agent with an internationally recognized name when buying property in any country because this affords me some protection and if anything goes wrong, and can go after them in the States where the are registered - i also dont work with people like someone here mentioned who are young and just here to surf.... pick someone who has qualifications..they are there, its just that you may have to go into their offices to meet them as they are more likely to be there working rather than on the beach.
I would potentially consider buying a property from an owner in my own country where i know the property legal system very well, and it is my first language, and if i know the seller or at least have a very good lawyer. - you would never catch me doing that in any other country though/

I have bought many properties in Nicaragua, and am proud to call it my home here. I hope many of you can feel the same one day!


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