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...and anyone can write garbage like this about another person and signs Anonymous! I have lived in Managua since 2003 full time. I live in front of a BANK not behind a gas sation and you my sour puss friend are a coward for not letting anyone know who you are because you will be sued for slander. My pics are on Google earth my address AND NUMBERS ARE ON ALL MY EMAILS AND i FOR THE EXCEPTION OF YOU HAVE CLIENT REFERENCES,,, Fell free to contact anytime you'd like of come by and visit me in my office in Lindavista. On the main avnue infront of Banco ProCredit. I just posted this reply and will not waist anymore time on this wahoo in southern Georgia sitting in front of his laptop having a beer in his daddies overalls Regards and nice hearing from you Glenn Seavers....still bitter about [.. deleted by moderator --.]....take your nonesence somewhere else. . Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Co. LTD Managua, Nicaragua C.A. Tel: 011 505 8825-8505 (C) 8773-3766 (MS)  Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein


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