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Rent or purchase in Nicaragua

Available now,is rental of anew

Submitted by elsalwizard on July 25, 2011 - 6:33pm.

Available now,is rental of a mountain house some 18 km. out of Managua, 1000 meters altitude, living room, 3 bedrooms, yard, guard house, guard service shall be included in the rental which is 1000 USD a month, partially furnished, also for sale or long term rental a Beach house, near to Montelimar, can be developed into a hostal, as there are few rooms in teh area, beautiful beaches, low crime, safe, for budget travelers, 1 US acre of land and family is resident at gate for security, for photos and contact information directly to owner, no realtor, in Nicaragua, fluent in English, spent 42 years in USA, you of course shall be able to stay in one or both properties, the owner has transportation. for pI shall get a tiny commission, avoid hassles and misunderstandings, owner was born in Nicaragua and has clear title. saludos.


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