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Nic Good or Bad

Dear MJ I have been here for several years and bought land around San Juan del Sur. I have an excellent lawyer educated in the states and actually had to leave the country when the Sandinistas took over. However he has been back for several years and has handled my buys and several others with large developements and does an excellent job. There are issues here and I have had my share but it is no worse than the rest of the central american countries. Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, in my opinion have many other problems. Costa Rico is too expensive. I have several friends that are coming here or going to other places that have property there. If you are anyone else that reads this is interested I have several properties that are free and clear that I would trade for US property and or work with them if they wanted to develop the property and don't have the means to buy and develop it. I am 65 and not interested in working at that level any more. My interest is only in financing the development. email address is


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