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Supporting someone from the board.....

Many posts on this forum are Anonymous, it is best for you to contact someone who uses their 'nickname' at least then ask for a Skype Video chat to start, every liar will tell you how honest they are anyway. Well if you seem satisfied with 'him or her' after a few Skype video chats, make a trip, at least 3 weeks, to the Central American country or countries you are interested in and check out places to rent, shopping, ask locals first then ex pats about safety in the area, day and night, amazingly, during the day in some of the gringo 'watering holes' are retirees and newcomers both who may give you some leads, there are 98% no 'honest lawyers' in CA, if you do not speak any Spanish, start learning PRONTO click on to start free lessons online and list of Spanish schools in each Latin Am. country, join local American or Canadian Society if one in your target country, also join up to to make professional local and expat contacts in 300 countries, our Internations group in San Salvador has a fiesta and meet up every month, take your time, advice is cheap, get a second and third opinion if wishing to rent (best) or buy, down here f2f not 'online' unless you have been to the place and already have contacts, if it is a Realtor, he or she wants a commission, avoid also so called 'relocation' agencies in CA they overcharge on rents and pocket the difference, Spanish and patience are two foundations to build on, I saved a few people in El Salvador a lot of money in 1 day just by hooking them up with honest contact, also two other options for non Spanish speakers, for a local guide/drirver owner 170 countries arrange to meet 2 or 3 guides in your taget country some are excellent and bi lingual with good vehicle, others old vehicles, poor English but remember honesty send out 'vibes' use your instincts and join the Hospex portal 4,000,000 members worldwide about 40,000 in all Central America, mostly young bi or multi lingual locals who know honest people in their city or town, they can meet up with you or host you 2 or 3 days if possible, for budget lodging worldwide if you have to stay in a 5 Star Hotel then find Realtor!!!! The paginas amarillas are ok once you are on the ground here for many services, few Latinos will answer e mails and just avoid the Real Estate Con sites, for real good info straight read archives of Letters to Editor online at the Costa Rican weekly and the daily online news service Remember Internet classified and forums are loaded with scammers, if you require more info send me a pm, I give advices I do not do detail work on line for free, no free lunches, no free Margarita on the Beach, either. My Central America information mostly for travel and tourism on fb is Buena suerte y bien viaje. For those serious about relocating I can give you a short call on Magic Jack if you live in US, contact me first with your full name, city or town State or Privince, estimated Montly budget for single or couple, don't waste my or anyone elses time with a lot of questions online, visit and be is your dime!


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