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Real Estate Problems in Nicaragua - Confiscations, Sandinista.."

I find your article a bit extremism. The amount of prejudicial context is everywhere ( the fact that you would see the need of framing the TICO flag on the main page is a bit of an indicator as to what your real intentions are ) after all ticos when it comes to anything that has to do w/ Nicaragua tend to be a bit bias and generalizing, your statement "this site is for civil discourse, there are some other Nicaragua-related sites where intimidation, anger, and personal attacks are welcomed, but not here" the only crap you forgot to write at end of said statement was "Pura Vida", ever been to a commentary section from La Nacion, leading newspaper of Costa Rica, on anything that involves Nicaragua? ohhh they are all about being civilized and unbiased there. Just to be clear to you and your so called "Sandinista Squatters" article; The incident that you are referring to here has everything to do w/ Arnoldo Aleman, a corrupted/backed by the United States government. So tico please spare me the bull shit.


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