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"Extreme"Hello dear,Dude, I

"Extreme" Hello dear, Dude, I get it, you feel the need of being accepted in Costa Rica so what do you do? talk crap about "em communist nicas" thats what Philipinos do in order to get government jobs in the US, talk crap about other group of people, the Mexican/Hispanics in general tsk tsk tsk Mr. Christopher, if you would just admit that you made a mistake by going for "lo barrrrrrrato", none of that crap that you've alleged-ably went through would have happen. There are countless of cases of folks that come to Nicaragua from Europe, Canada and why not, your usual senior citizen from good all U.S.A, do their homework, for about a $1000+ hire a great real estate attorney and guess what, they buy their dream property/beach front property, none of the anti-sandinista ( a government democratically elected by Nicaraguans ) needed. And no I'm not a sandinista, probably felt a great amount of empathy towards them in the days of Somoza.


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