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Hi anonymous,

I have allowed this semi-offensive comment but deleted your other clearly offensive comment.  Please remember in the future that this site is for civil discourse.  There are some other Nicaragua-related sites where intimidation, anger, and personal attacks are welcomed, but not here.  What we would welcome here are your civil contributions on these themes.  For instance:

Do you think there were any inaccuracies in my relation of the story from 2006?  (Well, I've even given you the true name of the farm - so you can go and investigate yourself and present additional information if you wish!)

Do you think there is something specific I missed in my interpretation of events?

What do I not understand about Nicaragua?

If you have something to contribute, please consider editing out the personal attacks before you hit "submit" so that we can focus on your facts and hypotheses, rather than being distracted by your bitterness.

Feel free to respond in an anonymous response here, if you must.  One of the reasons I allow anonymous posting here is because I know that in Nicaragua it is dangerous to speak freely; if you are located in a more civil country, however, you might also consider using your real name and thereby garnering more respect for yourself.

Peter Christopher


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