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more nightmares north of the border

Here's another couple sad examples of the Nicaraguan troubles of people who went to Nicaragua "educated" by the nicaliving website, then had to find out the hard way, their "education" was propoganda ... and ...

The latter of those even has a fascinating comment by "topchef" about me and this site!

I have read many blogs by Peter Christopher and have been really concerned if his rantings were based in a self created experience or just a victim of corruption.To make reference of a incident and not (slice and dice) elaborate, creates so much fear.Between Peters Blogs and these half spoken stories they do more to destroy the future hopes of the Nicaraguan people as the political environment.Their only hope is tourism and all these irresponsible blogs have a devastating effect on the people of Nicaragua.

Well, now you've heard both sides.  That's more than was available online when I went to Nicaragua.  Now you can make up your own mind.

What serves the Nicaraguan people better - to attempt to cover up their moral and behavior quagmire, or to be honest about it?

The user 'nicareal' at nicaliving - real estate agent Jon Berger of Nicaragua Real Estate in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua - makes his opinion clear: "Right on topchef" - (suggesting that this site - Central America Forum - is irresponsible) - but is it any coincidence that this is Jon Berger's response, when we know that his ability to sell property in Nicaragua is dependent on the myths that he and the other nicaliving "moderator" work so hard to createt?


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