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yeah your right, I see the guys down the road that come in on the weekend and they whack em  open like its nothing. I can see myself trying to open one of these things with a machete and it glancing off the darn thing and open up one of MY NUTS with it. rofl.  all over a .50 cent nut..  well I don't really need them and that squirrel seems to really like them, would hate to shut down one of his favorite eating places.  I have to say tho, he will chew into it, eat the whole nut, and then cut it from the tree and let it drop to the ground.  so I guess in a way he is keeping the tree in good shape for me.

crap I guess he is working for me as well,, anyone know how much by law you have to pay a squirrel per week? or the withholding money?


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