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Yeah, know what you mean

I've definitely had to get a few stiches from machete wounds.  Some of them self-inflicted due to carelessness.  I don't know about anyone who has cut their own balls off, but I just recently heard that the neighbor (boy) cut off the thumb and forefinger of his sister's hand when she was holding the coconut for him to split.

By the way, the squirrels do not usually cut the coconuts from the tree.  I won't say it never happens, because maybe you have some extraordinarily conscienscious squirrels down there in Panama.  Usually the squirrel (or the rat!) does the damage and the coconut tree promptly drops the nut.  It doesn't take the tree more than a few days to disown a problem child, no sympathy in their little world order.

By the way, I just redid the page on Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil.  Have you ever tried it?  You can get it in Panama by mail from a gringo in the Volcan area who buys it from a local guy near the beach.  Good luck with the dump truck import by the way.  We look forward to hearing the progress.


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