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dropped nuts

well  not sure if the squirrel is the one cutting them loose or its like you said the tree is doing it.  I just know I saw his butt up there the other day, and there were maybe 4 on the ground and all of them had that neat little hole cut in them and the whole nut was gone.  today I walked out there and there was another 3 laying there with the same hole.  all the ones with holes in them are yellow, the ones I find that are old looking with no color he doesn't touch.  I guess he likes em fresh!!! lol

sorry to hear that little one was hurt.

I have never cut myself with one, I have been shot in the hand by a bullet fragment at the firing range tho. blew my gun right out of my hand, my first thought was which one of you a holes on the line shot me and how?? guess I was lucky because if it had not hit my thumb it would have hit me in the eye because I was firing at the time it hit me.


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