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Exchange labor for room and board -- CA

My name is Patricia; currently my partner and I are residing at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, exchanging labor for room and board in a temporary position. We are both able-bodied, middle-aged and speak some spanish and french; our first language is english. We will be available about Feb/Mar for another similar position. I am a landscaper and my partner is a woodworker. Our strengths include: working with plants, custom woodworking, other carpentry, cooking, animals, and mechanics. Ultimately we would like to build our own bed and breakfast on the water. Other interests include boats, alternative power, holistic medicine, archaeology, history, scuba, rafting, and staying fit. We are very responsible, having had our own business for over 10 years. We have been traveling CA for 8 months and LOVE it! Please email me for more information and references at


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