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Safety in Nicaragua

Well Hello Peter,

I have been told I am you, so I thought I'd take a look at your site. After reading your blog about FYL et al, I have concluded that Nicaragua probably IS a dangerous place. But it is not the Nicaraguans I fear, it is the unscrupulous North Americans at Nica Living. They seem to have such a pathology that I was wondering what the heck happened to them. And then they began to accuse me of being you. And finally, enough people encouraged me to read about you through personal emails where they believed Phil Hughes was behind some acts with a machete, and I decided I liked you a heck of a lot more than the people at Nica Living who had been libeling me, doing their best at character assassinations, and reaching levels of frustration I had never seen in trying to discover who I was. Why, you may ask? Because simply, I don't believe a thing they say. I believe "Juanno" is Sherif El Dibani, because his posts are written in the same poor grammarian style and with the same venom. And the way he came after me caused me to realize this moron is one sick cookie.

My husband is applying for asylum in Nicaragua after being deported from the U.S., and FYL "socialista extraordinaire" found this "boring" and "b.s." And so I asked myself what type of socialist thinking person thinks things like asylum are b.s? And being a humanitarian and a REAL socialist, I found his attitude odd, if not downright phony. What disturbed me further was the fact that he buys the complete ideology of socialism, where any self respecting person with a political ideology certainly questions a few areas. I know I do. His rants sound as if he's posing as a socialist to me, instead of actually thinking as one...and I had wondered if his over-the-top ideas in every area weren't a bit too pat for who he claimed to be. When he kept deleting my posts, right after I posted after him...sometimes questioning his ideas and sometimes agreeing with them, I wondered what his thing was. And his hormonal sidekick Nicareal seemed to be the linebacker who tackled anyone that attacked Sherif El Dibani, alias "Juanno." That seemed like odd behavior. But when I saw the photo of him with a barely legal teen, if legal at all, I realized it was my posts explaining my disgust over lecherous old coots who came to Central America to play touchy-feely with young girls that got his dander up. Because let me make no bones about this...I detest men who exploit children sexually! And I believe THAT is what alienated me from him, since much of our ideology seemed the same. That photo disgusted me, as both a mother and a grandmother, for so many reasons, even if she is barely legal. It defined what I was talking about over there, where disgusting men who wouldn't garner a second look in the U.S. move to Latin American countries to dangle money to young desperate girls and try to lure them in.

So I concluded there are more nuts over there than a Christmas stocking and moved on today. And I believe your story along with many others there who emailed me. So I am here. I'm sure I will bring Juanno's raging DTs to the point he will probably pop up here, chasing me. I want to apologize for that. He is a basket case. As for the rest, they are the weakest chain I've ever encountered, and if that is the danger in Nicaragua...a bunch of unstable North Americans, then I'm in agreement with you. Anyone who is so pea-green jealous that they send a machete your way is imbalanced.

Nice to finally meet you! And just think, it would have never happened had they not compared me to you!


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