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I stand corrected by Peter Christopher

In the above post, I stated:

"And finally, enough people encouraged me to read about you (Peter Christopher) through personal emails where they believed Phil Hughes was behind some acts with a machete,"

While this is the rumor I heard from a few people from Nica Living, Peter Christopher has denied that Phil Hughes sent people with machetes his way. He insists these people had different motives. So, I want to make it clear that this was the rumor mill. But having read so many posts by Phil Hughes and about him, I was inclined to believe the rumors, much as people in Nica Liviing fell into a pattern of repeating rumors about me. Possibly, if there wasn't so MUCH out there questioning Phil Hughes character, these things wouldn't be so believable.

As for the rest of them, their comments on Nica Living about the marriage of Marty and Ken Kinzel demonstrates their lack of character. Why would ANYONE make a widow's life more complicated by posting trash? And the answer is: an overwhelming need for some breath of life to spice up their mundane and miserable life.


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