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a little off topic

I guess we are going a little off topic here but so be it. While it's true I survived an attempted murder/assault by two Nicaraguan cowards with machetes who didn't have the cojones to confront me in daylight, it's quite unlikely that Phil Hughes had anything to do with it. I had never even heard that odd rumor before you mentioned it yesterday. If you can imagine it, Phil Hughes is a blustering but timid and unselfconfident fat man who I'm sure has to check wikipedia to know the difference between maiz and trigo. And while he may be a pervert in the eyes of some, in the time I knew him he did not appear to be anywhere near as overly perverted as some of the real pedophile sickos I've read about in the world. Could his obsession with me be a projection of repressed homosexuality or an expression of his inferiority complex that I was able to understand the Nicaraguan culture, which he has never been able to do? But that's really a digression. What's apropos is that he's been one of the many Sandinista apologists who sought to cover up the nastier realities of Nicaragua, and as such, he is as disgusting as the most despicable of the Nicaraguans, if not moreso because of the education and culture he was exposed to in the U.S that should have allowed him more perspective. What I was trying to convey in this article, however, wasn't as much Phil Hughes per se but to look at the broader context of Nicaraguan misinformation, and how it is related to the economic interests of those who have made their perspectives on Nicaragua available online. It's pretty obvious and unsurprising if you think about it, but when you see the bogus claims coming up again and again ("Nicaragua is the 2nd safest... blah blah blah") which is pure horsecrap, you also benefit from seeing it laid out clearly: the glowing statements about Nicaragua on the internet, including the lies about the safety and investment risk/reward context, are dominated by those who have the economic interest invested and attempt to spread misinformation, in hopes to cover up the realities so that they can fool innocent people into investing with them and/or "joining" their quixotic pyramid scheme quest.

As for Ken Kinzel, he would still probably be alive had Phil Hughes not censored posts I had made on his site that presented a more balanced perspective of the kinds of situations Mr. Kinzel was confronting.


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